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Rainy Day Fun: The Lion, The Witch, and the Cardboard Wardrobe

3 Apr


Last Christmas I took my four year old son to a high school production of Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.  I wasn’t sure just how much he would get from it, or even if he would enjoy it, but he has been Narnia-obsessed ever since!  I am currently reading the novel to him, and even though there are no pictures, he loves it.  I am also really thankful that it is giving me the opportunity to reinforce some important biblical truths, C.S Lewis was genius to include so many parallels.

Recently we moved and we had so many great boxes left over.  One particularly blustery cold day a few weeks ago we decided to have some fun with our boxes, and created this magical cardboard wardrobe.  It turned out wonderfully, it was a great combination of a fun art/craft project followed by a lot of creative play time.  Here is a re-cap of our box wardrobe day.

We started with one of those large wardrobe boxes, the kind that have a metal bar along the top for hanging clothes.  We cut the back of the box on each side down to the bottom to create a large flap.  Then at the front we cut down the centre and across at the bottom and top to create the doors.


box2Next I gave the kids some brown (water soluble!) paint and brushes and got them to work on the doors and the sides of the wardrobe.  While they were doing this I QUICKLY painted a Narnia-like scene on the inside of the back flap.  (QUICKLY because I have a crawler and although she was interested in something else at that point, I did not want her crawling in wet paint)

box3 box4

I added some yellow “accents” to the front of the box to make it look a little more like a wardrobe.  After the paint was dry I hung some coats along the bar and then folded up the back flap and tucked the top end back into the box so that it was standing straight up.  The idea was that the children would climb into the wardrobe and then push the back flap open to step into Narnia.

box6 box7 box8

It worked!  We had a great morning role playing The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.  My four year old was Peter (with the armor)  My three year old son was Edmund, My 17 month old daughter was the Lion (whether she knew it or not!)  and unfortunately I got to be the witch.  We also had our play castle tent in Narnia, which kind of reminded me of the make shift tents on the Narnia battle field.  Lots of fun!

box9 box10

I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for stopping by!



Day 9~ The Christmas Countdown

23 Nov
Wow, day 9 already ~ we are over half way through “15 Days of Handmade Gifts”  I have a wonderful guest blogger today; Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts.  She is going to show us how to make a really cute Christmas Countdown sign ~ a great gift for any family!
Today’s ad sponsor is LeBox Boutique, they have some really great crafting supplies ~ their craft boxes would be GREAT to decorate and make some beautiful Christmas packages (they are also participating in our giveaway on November 30th!!)
Le Box Boutique is home to The Original WASHI TAPE BY THE FOOT making it fun and affordable to use the many wonderful patterns of Japanese Washi Tape hand-rolled on reusable wooden spools! We specialize in recycled Kraft product/gift packaging design and supplies.
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And now onto Ginger’s sweet tutorial:

Hi! I’m Ginger, & I blog over at Ginger Snap Crafts.
It’s a fun place where I share my easy, simple & cute crafty ideas & projects.
{Would love to have YOU drop by sometime!}
It’s such an honor to be over here on Lisa’s blog & with all of YOU!
Today I’d love to share my cute & easy way to do a Christmas {countdown}.

{Supplies Needed}
wood plaque*
scalloped circle chalkboard vinyl***
* I bought my wood plaque at Hobby Lobby for under $2.  Yay!
**I used Mr & Mrs Popsicle & His Name is Honey fonts for my vinyl.
***You could also use a stencil & chalkboard paint.
This is soooooo easy to make!  First you paint your plaque white.
Then drill two small holes along the top.
Apply your vinyl.  Then thread a festive ribbon through your holes & tie a bow.  All done!
Then use a piece of chalk or chalkboard pen to countdown to Christmas!
Yay! So fun, & your kiddos will love it! 🙂
Would love to have you over to Ginger Snap Crafts!
I’ve also have a fun link party on Wednesdays…would LOVE to see what you’re up to!

Thanks for having me over, Lisa!  I had a great time! 🙂
Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving & wonderful Christmas.

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