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Rainy Day Fun: The Lion, The Witch, and the Cardboard Wardrobe

3 Apr


Last Christmas I took my four year old son to a high school production of Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.  I wasn’t sure just how much he would get from it, or even if he would enjoy it, but he has been Narnia-obsessed ever since!  I am currently reading the novel to him, and even though there are no pictures, he loves it.  I am also really thankful that it is giving me the opportunity to reinforce some important biblical truths, C.S Lewis was genius to include so many parallels.

Recently we moved and we had so many great boxes left over.  One particularly blustery cold day a few weeks ago we decided to have some fun with our boxes, and created this magical cardboard wardrobe.  It turned out wonderfully, it was a great combination of a fun art/craft project followed by a lot of creative play time.  Here is a re-cap of our box wardrobe day.

We started with one of those large wardrobe boxes, the kind that have a metal bar along the top for hanging clothes.  We cut the back of the box on each side down to the bottom to create a large flap.  Then at the front we cut down the centre and across at the bottom and top to create the doors.


box2Next I gave the kids some brown (water soluble!) paint and brushes and got them to work on the doors and the sides of the wardrobe.  While they were doing this I QUICKLY painted a Narnia-like scene on the inside of the back flap.  (QUICKLY because I have a crawler and although she was interested in something else at that point, I did not want her crawling in wet paint)

box3 box4

I added some yellow “accents” to the front of the box to make it look a little more like a wardrobe.  After the paint was dry I hung some coats along the bar and then folded up the back flap and tucked the top end back into the box so that it was standing straight up.  The idea was that the children would climb into the wardrobe and then push the back flap open to step into Narnia.

box6 box7 box8

It worked!  We had a great morning role playing The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.  My four year old was Peter (with the armor)  My three year old son was Edmund, My 17 month old daughter was the Lion (whether she knew it or not!)  and unfortunately I got to be the witch.  We also had our play castle tent in Narnia, which kind of reminded me of the make shift tents on the Narnia battle field.  Lots of fun!

box9 box10

I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for stopping by!



Day 15 ~ Woven Ribbon Christmas Boxes

29 Nov

We made it, last day of my “15 Days of Handmade Gifts” series!  I have to admit I am a little bit exhausted~ but it has been fun!  I really hope that you saw something that you would like to make for Christmas during this series.  With all of these gifts being made, I decided that for my last post I would show you a pretty way to present all of your handmade gifts.  Today my tutorial is on woven ribbon boxes, which are kind of a gift in themselves because they are beautiful.  I am sure the recipient will keep (and re-use them) too!

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I have a few ideas that I want to share with you on how to make some pretty woven ribbon Christmas boxes.  They are quite easy to make, the worst part is probably the burns from the glue gun, but hey, that’s just the risk that we crafty people take!


~ 3-4 rolls of coordinating Christmas ribbon.  I like to use a couple different sizes of ribbon (Ribbon Retreat has a great selection of Christmas Ribbon!)

~ Glue gun/glue


~Kraft boxes with lids, or Kraft slider boxes (I used a kraft box, jewelry box, and a kraft slider box from Le Box Boutique)

The first thing I did with my boxes was to take the bottom or base of the box and wrap it in some pretty (but not too busy!) Christmas wrapping paper.  I used a glue gun instead of tape to secure the paper, I did not want any tape to show.  You could also use a double sided tape.

For my first box I used 4 different ribbons.  To make this one, you are first going to cut several pieces of ribbon. The ribbon will go along the long side of your box and you will choose TWO different prints of ribbon (mine were pink and silver).  The length of the ribbon will be the WIDTH of your box lid plus a little extra to curl around the inside of the box lid~ you are going to glue it just inside the box lid (on both sides)so it needs to be long enough.

Cut enough ribbon to cover the top of your box.  Start at the edge of the box and glue one of the ends of the ribbon, just on the inside of the box top, with the right side up.  Do this all down the one side of the box, alternate the two different ribbons. Make sure the right side of the ribbon is facing upwards.  Now you are going to cut the ribbon to go across your box top in the other direction.  These will be two DIFFERENT prints than the first two (mine were gingerbread and green “no peeking” ribbon).  Measure the length of your box top, cut your ribbon with a little bit extra so that it can curl around and be glued on the inside of the box top. Now glue this ribbon to the inside of the box top, on either of the two sides that is right next to the ribbon that you just glued on.  Again the right side of the ribbon should be facing upwards.  If this is confusing, your box top should now look like this: 

Now flip the box lid over, we are going to do some weaving!  Start with the second set of ribbons that you glued to the box.  Take the top ribbon (in my picture it is the gingerbread ribbon), and bend it upwards. Bend down the first ribbon from the first set of ribbons that you glued on  (in my photo this is the pink ribbon) and put the gingerbread ribbon over it. Then put it under the second (silver ribbon), over the third, and so on.  When you reach the end you are going to pull that ribbon tight and secure it under the box lid with glue.  Take the next piece of ribbon in line (in my picture this is the green one).  Put this one UNDER the first ribbon (in the picture this is the pink one) and OVER the second (silver) ribbon.  Continue on to the end and again pull the ribbon tight and secure it under the top of the lid with your glue.  Repeat this step with all of the ribbon down that side.  When you have secured all of that ribbon in place, pull on the bottoms of your unsecured ribbon (in my photo this would be the silver and pink ribbon)  Make sure the ribbon is nice and tight, and flat, and then secure each end under the box lid with your glue gun.  Your box should be done and super pretty!  I used four different ribbons for this one because it was easier to explain how to weave it, but if you find this box too “busy”, you might like the next one better.

The only difference with this box is that I only used THREE different ribbons instead of four.  On the one side of the box lid, used only a solid red grosgrain ribbon, so there were no alternating ribbons.  On the second side of the box top, I still used two different alternating ribbons (The Merry Christmas and the Peppermint ribbon). Use the same method that I described above to weave and glue your ribbons.  I think I liked this one the best!

The last box that I wanted to show you is the slider box.  This one was a little bit trickier.  Again I used three different ribbons.  I cut two different ribbons to go around the box (the Santa Belt and the silver ribbon)  They had to be long enough that their ends would meet on one side.  Next I cut the pink ribbon to go lengthwise on the box, plus a little to curl the ends around to the inside.  Take your two ribbons that will go around the box.  Glue only one end to the MIDDLE of one side of the slider box. Alternate your two ribbons, gluing the ends, until you get to the bottom. Now take your other ribbon that will go down the length of your box.  Glue one end just inside of the edge of the box, make sure it is at the start of the ribbon that you have just glued down(this is my pink ribbon). Weave it through your other two ribbons.  I should mention that in this picture, the pink ribbon is not in the starting position, rather it should be just underneath that red santa’s belt ribbon, and then over the silver one, etc…  When you get to the end, pull the ribbon tight and secure it on the inside of the box.

Continue on with your lengthwise ribbon (eg the pink one).  The second one will be placed beside the first one.  Again glue the end just inside of the box, but this time put it underneath the first ribbon (the red santa’s belt in my picture) and then over the next one, etc.  Continue in this fashion all around the box, until you get back to the first side where you glued your ribbons down the middle of the box.  When you get to that side, pull the ends of the two different ribbons that go around your box (so the Santa’s belt and the silver ribbon)  Glue the ends down on top of the ends that you glued on the beginning.  Make sure the ribbon is just long enough to meet the first end.  If not, just take your scissors and trim the ribbon.  The last thing I did was to cut a piece of the silver ribbon to the length of the box, plus a little to go around the end, and glue it over top of the ribbon edges that meet in the middle.  This will be the bottom of your box, but it makes it look a little more neat and finished.

And your pretty ribbon boxes are finished!

Well, this wraps up my “15 Days of Handmade Gifts” tutorials  BUT don’t forget to come back tomorrow to enter the giveaway.  The giveaway will be open until Sunday December 2nd at 9:00pm MST, but I am leaving all of the prize details a secret until tomorrow!  Thank you for stopping by!

~Lisa K

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