Introducing the new {and improved!} Sweet Benanna & Sam

30 May

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday I took the leap and moved my blog over to This means I will be able to do a lot more with my website, which is great for my readers too.  The bad part is, the transition did not go so smoothly!  None of my subscriptions were able to be moved over, which means that when I add new posts to my new site, they will not be delivered to your inbox.  I am asking {pretty please!} to just take a moment and visit the new site: Sweet Benanna & Sam and update your e-mail subscription.

email sign up


Consequently none of my old links work as well, so all of those wonderful projects that have been “pinned” to Pinterest in the past are now being directed to a “page not found”.  To say this makes me sad is an understatement.  I worked so hard to increase my blog traffic over these past nine months and now all of that is gone.  I feel very defeated!    I guess I just have to move on from here and hopefully build back up to where I was before (and higher!)

Thank you so much for your support!



I love to hear your sweet comments!

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