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The Christmas Roundup

29 Dec

xmas roundup

Christmas is over and done with for another year.  I always feel a bit of remorse around this time.  There is such a build up in the weeks before Christmas.  The shopping, the baking, the organizing, spending time with family and friends, decorating.  So many fun things, and then the presents are ripped open and it’s all over!  I have to admit though, I am still seeing so many great Christmas ideas on Pinterest (and I am still pinning them too!)  Is there something wrong with me that I am already planning for next year?  I hope not, but just in case you are anything like me, I thought I would do a little roundup of all of the Christmas posts that appeared on my blog this season.  Here is a handy little reference of all of my original ideas, plus a few of the great festive guest posts.  Pin it (for next year of course!) and then next year you can start even earlier with your Christmas preparations.  With all of the great ideas I have come across, I am thinking that August will be a good start.  Anyways here they are (in no particular order)

Posts by Sweet Benanna & Sam 

title image~ Woodland Sparkle Felt Ornaments:  If you missed this post it featured some great wildlife shots of our local forest animals.  It also came with a free printable so that you can make your own ornaments.

title~ Woven Ribbon Boxes:  This tutorial will show you how to make some pretty packages.  It was sponsored by the Ribbon Retreat (thanks for the beautiful ribbon!)

title~Pretty Dough Ornaments: Some gifts I made for friends.  This post includes a recipe for dough ornaments, plus some tips on painting and making them shine!

title~ Skor Toffee Chocolate Bars: Hands down my favorite Christmas treat!  Free printable recipe included!

TitleGingerbread~ The Real Gingerbread House:  Ideas and tips on how you can make a gingerbread house that LOOKS like a real house!  This is a great gift idea for a good friend.

Posts By Guest Bloggers:

candy-cane-popcorn-gift 1~ Candy Cane Popcorn: This is a very yummy Christmas treat, the post comes with a recipe and a free printable; makes a great gift for neighbors!  This post was written by Christy from The Girl Who Ate Everything and has been my MOST VIEWED guest post!

25.2~ Mulling Spices:  I thought this was a great idea!  It works as a great handmade hostess gift too.  Mulling Spices taste great when added to wine, cider, or juice, and make your beverage feel festive.  This tutorial was written by Adrianne from Happy Hour Projects.

christmas countdown~ The Christmas Countdown:  This wooden Christmas countdown sign is so adorable! (Hey, all of you lucky ladies who received Silhouette Cameos for Christmas, here is a great first project!)  This tutorial was made by Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts.

So there we are, eight great projects for next year!  Thank you for stopping by today.

~Lisa K


~The Sweet Audrey {A Vingtage Inspired Ombre Dress} ~ Part 3 (Finishing Touches)

24 Dec



titleimage     Part 3 is here, let’s put the finishing touches on the Sweet Audrey Dress!  Today we will sew the skirt to the bodice, add the buttons, and make the bow and attach it to the front of the dress.

First of all, we need to prep the bodice.  Take it to the ironing board and unfold it, lay itpart3pic1 flat.  You are going to fold the bottom of the liner over 1/2″ to the inside of the bodice and press it.  Next fold the bodice back up.  You need to pin the button plackets together in the back.  To make sure that it is lined up properly, make sure that the side seams are at the sides of the dress.  The arm holes should also look part3pic2like they are lined up too.  Put a few pins down the back of the button placket to make sure that the bodice doesn’t shift around while you are attaching the skirt.  Your button placket SHOULD overlap at the back.

We are now going to attempt to attach the skirt to the bodice.  This is the part that I like best, when it is sewn together you can really see how beautiful your dress is going to be!

Keep your bodice turned right side out.  Turn your skirt inside out.  You are going to pin the skirt to the outer part of your bodice, right sides together.  The easiest way to describe this is that you are going to sit your skirt (inside out!) on top of the counter/cutting table, whatever you are using for your workspace.  Now, with your bodice right side out, turn it upside down and place it inside of your skirt.  line up the sides of the bodice with the sides of your skirt.  If you followed along with part 2, your skirt should be the same width around as the bottom of your bodice.  Pin it together all the way around, you will pin the top edge of the skirt to the bottom edge of the OUTER part of your bodice (the satin part)part3pic3

Sew all the way around the edge using 1/2″ seam.  Make sure that you are sewing just underneath the gathering stitch that you used to sew the two skirts together.  If you do not sew below it, you will see the gathering stitch from the outside when the dress is done.  Make sure that when you are sewing over the back of the bodice that the button placket IS overlapping at the back.  Also be careful not to catch the liner when you are sewing.  Since we ironed it under before this step, it should be easy to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Next take your dress to the ironing board.  part3pic4Press your seam up so that it will go inside the bodice.  Press the rest of your bodice nicely, make sure the liner looks nice and press it so that it covers the seam.  This part3pic5will enclose the seam inside of the dress.  When you are finished, top stitch along the bottom edge of the liner, all the way around.  When you get to the button placket, again top stitch right over it, it may take a bit of tricky maneuvering but it’s not too difficult.  The liner should now be stitched into place.  Make sure that your thread is the same colour as the satin, as this stitch will be visible from the outside of the dress.  After you have stitched the liner down, open up your button placket.  You will notice that the inner part of the liner did not get stitched into place.  You will need to hand stitch this part, I used a whipstitch to do this.

Now it’s time to add your buttons.  I used 4 5/8″ buttons for my dress.  Your button holes will be added to the part of the bodice that overlaps (is on top) of the other button fabric.  Your buttons will be sewn to the side that is underneath the other one.

Last but not least, let’s create a gorgeous bow for the front of the dress!  You will need to cut three pieces of fabric from your satin.  You will need two rectangles that are TWICE as long as you want the finished bow to be, and the width will be whatever you would like the finished bow to be PLUS 1/2″.  My two rectangles were 16″ x 4 1/2″.  Then you need a third rectangle for the centre piece of your bow.  Mine measured 4 1/2″ x 5 1/2″.  I am going to do most of the next step in pictures.  All of the seams for the bow have been sewn with 1/4″ seam allowance.


Pin the two rectangular pieces for the main part of your bow right sides together. Sew around three sides leaving one short end open.


Turn right side out, fold in the unsewn edge 1/2″ and press.



Take your third rectangular piece for the centre of the bow. Fold over short ends 1/2″ to the wrong side and press




(make sure that your seam is on the inside so that it won’t be visible)


Now that the centre piece is finished, let’s move back to the main part of the bow. Grab a needle and thread, run a long gathering stitch down the centre. Make sure that the top edge and the bottom edge of the bow are gathered facing the same direction; towards you. The seam should be at the back of the bow.



This dress is finished! Beautiful, elegant, fun ~ fit for a princess!  Here are the links to PART 1 and PART 2 in case you missed it.

Thank you for following along with this sewing tutorial, I would love to see any finished dresses that you have made!


Thank you for stopping by!

~Lisa K

~The Sweet Audrey {A Vingtage Inspired Ombre Dress} ~ Part 2 (The Skirt)

21 Dec


Welcome to part 2 of the Sweet Audrey dress tutorial.  Today I will show you how I made the skirt.  My version includes a built in pettiskirt, but that part is optional.

Let’s get started with the outer part of the skirt.  For my skirt I cut two rectangular pieces from my main fabric (I used cotton ombre dots in grey)  Each piece was 35″ wide x 12 1/2″ long.  I found that this length was great because it gave me the full gathered skirt that I was looking for, but you could have it longer or shorter if you wish.  The length of these pieces were specific to my niece’s height.  I wanted the skirt to be hemmed just below her knees.  The bottom of your bodice should sit right on the hips, so to figure out what length you should cut your fabric, measure from the hip to just below the knee.  Take that number and add 1 1/2″.  This will give you the extra room to hem it at the bottom, as well as a seam allowance to attach the skirt to the bodice.

Take your two skirt pieces and place them right side up, one on top of the other.  If youskirtpic1 are using the ombre fabric, make sure that the darkest dots are at the bottom.  Fold your skirt pieces in half lengthwise, so that all four raw edges are together at the side.  Starting at the bottom, you are going to cut your fabric at an angle going backwards. To give you an idea on how much to cut, the length at the top of my skirt was 7″ shorter than the bottom.  This will create the a-line shape so that the dress will be nice and twirly. Measure the length of the top of your skirt, you will need this number to make the pettiskirt.   Next you are going to unfold your skirt pieces and place them right sides together.  Pin the sides of the skirt (the slanted sides that you just cut)  and sew them together with a 1/2″ seam.  Finish your seams with a zig-zag stitch.  Take the skirt to the ironing board and press your seams. Now we are going to hem the bottom of the skirt.  Fold up the bottom of the skirt 1/2″, press with your iron.  Fold it up another 1/2″ and press again.  Sew down your hem, all the way around the bottom of the skirt, to secure it into place. Again measure the finished skirt from top to bottom, you will need this number for the pettiskirt.   That part is finished, let’s move on to the pettiskirt portion!

I used two different colours of tulle (pink for tier 2, white for tier 1), but it was only because it would make it easier in the pictures to show you what I was doing.  You are going to need two strips of tulle.  The combined width of these two strips needs to be the same as your skirt length (or a bit longer if you want it to peak out the bottom) PLUS ADD 2″  I will use my skirt as an example.  You will remember that the fabric for my skirt was 12 1/2″ long.  After I hemmed the skirt it was 11 1/2″ long.  So, the combined width for my tulle strips needed to be 11 1/2″ plus 2″, then I added an extra 1/2″ so it would just peak out the bottom of the skirt, for a total of 14″.  Then I needed to divide that number in half to get the width of each strip (7″)  The first strip (let’s now call this tier 1)  needs to be the same length as the top of your skirt is all the way around plus one inch for the seam allowance.  Mine was 56″.  So my tier 1 tulle strip was 7″ wide X 57″ long.  I hope this makes sense, it’s really not too tricky, just read it over a couple of times…Tier 2 is easy.  It will also be 7″ wide and the length will be 5 times the length of tier 1.  My tier 2 strip was 7″ wide x 280″ long.  Yes, you will probably have to sew a couple of strips of tulle together to create tier 2, unless you have yards and yards of tulle lying around!

Take your tier 2 strip and sew a gathering stitch along one edge.  To do this I changeskirtpic2 my stitch length about as high as it will go (4) and crank up the tension on your sewing machine.  Once that strip is gathered, you need to make sure that it is now the same length as tier 1.  Pull your thread to gather it more if it’s needed.  Put tier 1 and tier 2 right sides together (if you have sewn several strips together to make tier 2, the right side of tier 2 is the one with no seams)  Pin and sew along the gathered edge of tier 2; use a 1/2″ seam.

skirtpic3 Now that your two tiers are joined togehter, fold your long strip of tulle in half lengthwise, make sure that right sides are together.  Join the edges of the skirt by sewing with a 1/2″ seam allowance.  See the dotted lines in the next picture for more clarification on where you should be sewing!


The last step in creating your skirt is to attach the tulle pettiskirt to the outer skirt that skirtpic5you sewed previously.  Turn the pettiskirt and the outer skirt right side out.  Slip the pettiskirt inside of the outer skirt.  The two skirts should be the same width at the top. Pin the two skirts together at the top.  To join them together, all you are going to do is sew a gathering stitch along the top edge of the skirt.  When you have sewed your gathering stitch, grab your bodice and make sure that the top of the same skirt is now the same width as the bottom of the bodice.  If not pull the threads to gather it more, or loosen it accordingly.

Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow where we will be putting the finishing touches on this gorgeous dress!

I have to tell you, when I originally thought about making this dress I wanted to do a beautiful photo shoot with a model wearing the dress.  Wouldn’t it look elegant worn by a beautiful little girl, I can just see the long black gloves, mary jane shoes, hair in a bun, maybe even a little tiara and a pearl necklace (oh I love Breakfast at Tiffany’s!)  Alas, like every other project, I ran out of time!  I had to send the dress to my niece for Christmas, she lives far away.  I did, however, manage to snap a picture of my son who I bribed to try on the dress for me.  To preserve his dignity, I will crop out his head but I wanted to show you how the dress fits.  I do apologize, I was only able to get one picture before (of course!) he stubbed his toe and started to cry, so it may not be the quality that I would like but I will post it anyways.

What beautiful black socks!

What beautiful black socks!

Thank you for stopping by today, here is a link to Part 1 of this dress tutorial: The Bodice and Part 3: Finishing Touches

~Lisa K

Link Party for Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown CT

20 Dec

I know many of you are as heartbroken as I am over the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy in Newtown, CT. A few other bloggers and I have teamed up for this week’s link party with a cause. I am very pleased to be a part of this link party, not only is it the first time I have ever (co) hosted a link party, but it is for a great cause.

Kelley at The Grant Life and Adrianne at Happy Hour Projects both host a weekend link party that opens on Thursday afternoon. This week, they joined forces and also opened up the party to as many co-hosts who want to join to donate $0.05 for each link to the Newtown area’s United Way. The thing is – that’s not all. Some other bloggers heard about it, and also wanted to match 5 cents a link – so for this special party, for every link you add, $1.00 will be donated to the Western Connecticut United Way. Even more fabulous bloggers offered to help us spread the word by co-hosting today’s link party. So no matter what blog you are visiting when you read this, we all thank you for supporting the party and the cause.

Because of how widely hosted this weekend’s party is. links you add here will be immediately visible on several blogs! The details are below including who is donating, and what you should link today. Thanks for coming by!

sandyhook2_zpsa2713a28UPDATE: Apparently because my WordPress site is not self-hosted, I am not able to share the  link party on my blog.  I am still leaving this post up, as I feel that it is a worthwhile cause.  Please visit one of these other great blogs to link up your project.  It must be from December to link up.  I would also like to clarify that it is the bloggers who are co-hosting this party that are pledging the $1.00 per link, and not the people who are linking up.  Linking up is free!  Thank you.

Click on one of these buttons to link up your project:

The Humble Brag Link Party

Happy Hour Projects

In The Old Road


Update: As of right now (December 21st 2:00pm MST) there have already been over 600 links added!! Way to go everyone!!!

~ The Sweet Audrey {A Vintage Inspired Ombre Dress} ~ Part 1 (The Bodice)

20 Dec


For the past few months I have been dreaming up this exquisite girl’s party dress.  It is going to be a Christmas present for my niece ~ who just loves to twirl about in a pretty dress!  In my mind I saw something elegant, almost a vintage look. I wanted it to be sophisticated, like something Audrey Hepburn might wear, kind of like the one that she wore to the Oscars in 1954 (pictured below). alg-hepburn-dress-web I also wanted to find a way to make it fun and somewhat modern.

On the dress I designed, the skirt is very full and hemmed just below the knees.  I  added a built in pettiskirt for extra fun and flair. The bodice is lined and I have sewn it in a way that there are not many visible seams.  I am going to show you exactly how I created it, as well as give you a free pattern for the bodice in 5T.  I do plan to add more sizes, if there is a particular size you would like to make, leave a comment on this post and I will work on that size first.  For the fabric I chose a new cotton design from Riley Blake Designs.  Several months ago Riley Blake Designs came out with their cotton ombre dot collection.  I thought that an ombre dress would be lively and give it the modern twist that I was looking for.  So with that in mind, I chose ombre dots in grey.  I cut the fabric in a way that the dress starts out with light grey dots at the shoulders, and as you move towards the bottom of the dress the dots get darker and eventually at the bottom of the skirt they are black.  I broke up the dot pattern in the mid section with a splash of hot pink satin.  The dress is finished with four buttons down the back and a nice plump bow in the front.

Since it is a rather big project, I will be doing it in three parts.  The first part I will teach you how to sew the bodice.  The second part I will show you how to create the skirt.  The third part we will put everything together, plus add finishing touches like the bow and buttons. Well let’s get started!  Here are the supplies that you will need:


Pattern ~ you will have to click on four separate links and print each one to get the complete pattern: The Sweet Audrey Dress Size 5T {Part 1:Back Bodice}, {Part 2 Back Rectangular}, {Part 3 Front Bodice}, {Part 4 Front Rectangular}~ this is for personal use only.  I have put a lot of work into this pattern and tutorial, if you would like to sell items made from this pattern please e-mail me at and for a low cost I will give you a limited commercial license.

1 1/2 yards main fabric (my fabric is cotton ombre dots in grey)

1/2 yard lining fabric

1/2 yard satin fabric for the mid section and bow

2 yards of tulle ~ the finer, smoother tulle works best for this type of project (The built in pettiskirt is optional, if you are not putting it in the dress you do not need tulle)


Basic Sewing Supplies/Sewing Machine

4 buttons ~ mine were 15 mm or 5/8″

Cutting out your pattern:

You will need to cut out the lining pieces for your bodice first.  After you have cut out pic1the lining fabric, you will snip the bottom part of the pattern off along the dotted line.  Next cut your main fabric bodice pieces.  Lastly, use the front rectangular piece to cut out one satin pieces of fabric to attach pic2to your front bodice, and cut two from the back rectangular piece to attach to your back bodice.  From both the liner and the main fabric you will cut one front bodice piece, on the fold, and two opposite back bodice pieces.  Here are some pictures of the pieces you should now have.

pic3 First we are going to attach the satin pieces to the rest of the bodice.  To do this, flip your front rectangular satinpic4 piece so that one of the longer edges matches up with the bottom edge of your front bodice.  Make sure the pieces of fabric are right side together.  Sew them together with a 1/2″ seam.  Repeat this step with both of the back bodice pieces.  When you have sewed these pieces together, don’t forget to press your seams.

Next we need to sew the liner to the main fabric.  Place the front bodice liner and main fabric right sides together.  You are going to sew it together along the neckline, and then starting at the bottom of the arm hole you are going to sew pic5the liner and main fabric together, but stop half way up the arm hole!! Repeat with the other arm hole.

For the back part of the bodice we are going to sew it a little differently.  Again place the lining fabric right sides together with the main fabric.  You are going to sew arm holes halfway up, just like you did on the front bodice.  Then you are going to sew along the neckline and down the edge, but STOP sewing two inches from the bottom of the bodice.  Do this with both sides of the back bodice.  Again the dotted lines in the picture should help you figure out where to sew.


Now let’s join the bodice together at the shoulders.  This next step looks a little tricky, it is hard to get a good picture of this step, but read it over a couple of times and the lightbulb should go on!  First of all you need to turn all of your bodice pieces right sidepic7 out and press with your iron.  I cannot stress this enough ~ take your time and do a good job pressing your bodice.  It will help you with the next couple of steps if you press it well.  Poke all of the little corners out; press.  Then you want to fold in the unsewn parts of your arm holes, 1/2″ towards the wrong side of the fabric (for both the main and lining fabric) and press well.

Take one of your back bodice pieces and place it on top of your front bodice piece, with the pic8outer fabric facing each other.  Line up the shoulders.

This is the tricky party.  Open up the shoulders.  Pin the outer fabric right sides together, and the lining fabric right sides together.  Sew the shoulders  together using a 1/2″ seam (along the dotted lines in the picture below)

pic9Repeat the same step with the other back bodice piece and sew the other shoulder together.  Your bodice is just about done, hopefully that wasn’t too painful!

Now you need to sew the sides of the bodice together and finish your arm holes.

To sew the bodice together, keep your bodice turned right side out.  Pull the outer fabric of the bodice upwards.  Pin the sides of the lining fabric together (so to be clear you are pinning the side of the front bodice to the side of the back bodice)  Pin it together all the way up to the arm hole where you will reach the outer fabric.  Then you will pin the outer fabric (right sides together) in the same fashion.  Sew all the way up the side with a 1/2″ seam allowance.  When you are finished press your seam.  The bodice should now look like a bodice!  And as a bonus you will not see any seams.


This is where your excellent ironing skills will come in handy.  Fold your shoulder seam closed, if you have ironed the un-sewn arm hole well, you can jump right in and edge stitch all around the arm hole.  If the edges do not match up, take it back to the ironing board and press it a little more.  When you are ready, you can edge stitch all around both of the arm holes, and your bodice will be finished!


Tomorrow I will post part two of this sew along.  Part two will show you how to make the skirt, which includes the outer skirt and the inner tulle pettiskirt.

Update:  Part 2 has now been posted, here is a link: Sweet Audrey Part 2: The Skirt and Part 3:  Sweet Audrey Part 3: The Finishing Touches

 I would also like to mention that this afternoon I am very happy to be co-hosting a special link party.  Several bloggers have teamed up and pledged to donate 5 cents per link added to the United Way Newtown Fund to benefit the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy.  As of right now, we are up to $1.00 per link in pledged donations for every link added to the party.  The great thing for you is that no matter which blog you link up to, your addition will be seen on many different blogs ~ what great exposure for your blog, plus you will be helping out with a great cause!  There will be a few rules for this link party, but be sure to check out all of those details when I post them later today.

Thank you for stopping by!

~Lisa K

Woodland Sparkle Ornaments

18 Dec

title image

Nineteen months ago our family embarked on a life changing journey.  We uprooted our comfortable lives and moved our family 1135 Kilometres (or 705 miles) from Langley British Columbia to the outskirts of Edmonton Alberta. At times the change has been trying and not entirely fun, but we have made this new place our home.  And a beautiful home it is!  We have really enjoyed exploring this part of Canada.

This Christmas I wanted to create some new ornaments for our tree that symbolized our new neck of the woods.  One thing I love about this region is the fascinating wildlife that we have encountered, and so I decided to create some felt ornaments in the image of our favorite creatures.  I have created a printable template for you as well, instructions and template are at the bottom of this post.

The first wild animal(s) that we saw after we moved here were these gigantic Jack Rabbits. 252806_10150629899450080_3649584_n These were not your typical cute pet bunnies; rather muscular bunnies on steroids.  They run wild all over our neighborhood, and when I say run I mean it~ they are really fast!  It’s hard to catch a good picture of them, but here is one trotting down the street.

I have also had a couple of encouters with the majestic Moose.  What a strange and wonderful animal!  Here is the one that chased me when I was nine months pregnant last fall.  I don’t think anyone has ever seen a full term pregnant woman run faster.  Did anyone help me?  No!  They were too busy laughing.


Here he is in the woods. Gorgeous!  Until he ran out of the woods towards me.

This is after he ran at me, heading safely away I snapped another picture.

This is after he ran at me, heading safely away I snapped another picture.

And this lovely girl we found injured on the side of the road.  Her leg was torn up 547296_10151836247720080_434701062_nquite badly (you can see it was the hind leg closest to the fence).  After calling several animal rescue places I was disappointed to find out that there was nobody to help her.  Unfortunately the police had to come and deal with the situation.

Lastly we have the Buffalo!  Or I guess they are actually the North American version, we301300_10150877747190080_2025655013_n have Wood Bison and Plains Bison.  I would not describe them as majestic or beautiful, but when you come across them they are quite impressive. We have come across them on many occasions: on the road, in the playground, on hiking trails.  There is a park only twenty minutes by car from our house, Elk Island National Park, where the bison roam free.  Massive herds of them roam this scenic 194 square kilometre park. We love to drive, hike, and picnic in Elk Island!


On the hiking trail…let’s go back the other way!


Sorry kids, we won’t be playing at the playground today!


Beep Beep!!

It was very easy to create these felt ornaments.  Here are the supplies you will need:

~Piece of sturdy sparkle felt.  Michael’s has a selection of sparkle felt that is thick, and they sell it in individual sheets so you don’t have to buy a large pack of them.  If there is no felt that is pre-sparkled, you could also dump some glitter into mod podge and paint it on your felt.  Just make sure you are getting a thicker felt, and not the flimsy kind from a dollar store.


~Animal template.  For my template I have drawn a Jack Rabbit, Moose, and a Bison.  You are welcome to use my template, however if you wanted to make some different animals it is very easy to do.  Go to google images and type in the animal you want to make and the word “outline” for example; “Elephant Outline”  a bunch of images should pop up.  You want to pick one that has simple lines, nothing very complicated.  You can either print this image, or you may need to re-size it if it’s too big.  I use a free downloadable program called GIMP to do this.  Here is a link to the template that I made: Woodland Sparkle Ornaments

~ Christmas Ribbon or twine, something to hang your ornaments.

~ Felt Marker

As I mentioned before, these ornaments are very simple to make.  Flip your felt so that IMG_2829the non-sparkly side is facing up.  Cut out the animals from your template and place them on the felt.  I used a marker to trace around my animals.  Next you will cut them out.  It is a good idea to cut on the inside of the marker lines, you will lose detail if you cut on the outside of the line.  If you IMG_2831have a hole punch, punch a hole somewhere near the top of your ornament.  If you do not, just use your scissors to make a little hole.  Thread your ribbon or twine through the hole, tie the ribbon together at the end.  Then you can go ahead and hang your pretty ornament.


ornamentWhile we are on the topic of ornaments, I want to share with you this cute Handmade Ornament exchange that I participated in this year (click on the picture to the left to be directed to the link party).  The exchange was created by the fantastic ladies who collectively call themselves “The Creative Headquarters”.  Their individual blogs are Chase The Star, Becoming Martha, Create Craft Love, and Wait Til Your Father Gets Home.  The ornament swap was facilitated by the website “Elfster” and we were each given a name and address to secretly send a handmade ornament to.  I sentangel my secret friend the plump little angel that you may have seen in a previous post ~ Pretty Dough Ornaments

Yesterday I received my ornaments from my secret friend!  Her name is Tuula and she has a wonderful blog ~ The Thrifty Rebel.  She has lots of awesome DIY decor tutorials that are inexpensive.  If you have some time to peruse her great little blog, I am sure you will find some delightful ideas.

Tuula sent me four gorgeous sparkly miniature wreaths that are now displayed on my tree. What a wonderful event to build a sense of online community!

secret ornament

I hope you have enjoyed this post today!  In two days I will be posting a BIG project that I have been working on ~ a vintage inspired girls party dress.  Of course I will be including free patterns and a full tutorial, so don’t forget to stop by and check it out!

Thank you for stopping by today!

~Lisa K



A Day of Silence for Newtown CT

17 Dec

My heart and my prayers are with all of you today.


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