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Dress Up Time D.I.Y ~ Cinderella Peasant Dress

21 May


Today I am going to share this simple Cinderella Peasant Dress costume {size 2T} with you.  I think little chores are much more fun when you are dressed like Cinderella!  Peasant dresses are very easy sewing projects, in fact I think that one of my very first sewing projects was a peasant dress.  When I first learned how to make one, I followed a great tutorial from Pretty Prudent.  This Cinderella dress is just a slight variation from this peasant dress.  Since most of the steps are the same, except for the skirt, I don’t want to re-write someone else’s tutorial.  Instead I will have you read their tutorial and tell you what I did differently.

Here are the supplies that you will need, for the dress only.  I will tell you about the apron after the dress is out of the way!


~Fabric: You will need three different colors, but it’s all plain cotton.  I found mine in the bargain bin, it does not have to be expensive!  Sleeves: Light/Sky Blue 1/4 yard, Bodice: Dark/Chocolate Brown 1/4 yard, Skirt: Light/Coffee Brown 1/2 yard.

~35″ of 1/4″ elastic.

~Thread and basic sewing supplies

Below are the measurements for the dress.  You will cut two of the bodice pieces on the fold.  Cut along the red lines to create an armhole (a basic J shape, 6″ down) and a sloping neckline.

You will also need to cut two of the skirt pieces, and two of the sleeves (on the fold).

Size 2T

Cinderella Peasant Measurements

Cut out all of your pattern pieces above.  You are going to make the bodice by following the instructions here: Long Sleeve Peasant Dress Tutorial.  Start from Step 2: Cut Out Neckline and Armhole.  To be clear, while you are following the peasant dress tutorial, you will be using the two bodice pieces and the two sleeve pieces to create the bodice.  You will not be doing anything with the skirt until you come back to this page.

DO NOT:  Hem the bottom of the dress (bodice) or insert elastic into the sleeves.

Creating The Skirt

You should now have your bodice made, with the finished sleeves attached.  The bodice should have a raw edge along the bottom.  Are we on the same step? Good, let’s create the skirt and finish the dress.  Take your two rectangular skirt pieces and sew them right sides together down both of the shorter sides with 1/2″ seam allowance.  Use a zig-zag stitch to finish the seam.  Press your seams flat.  Fold the bottom of your skirt over 1/4″ to the wrong side and press with your iron.  Fold it over again and press; hem the bottom of your skirt.  Sew a gathering stitch around the top of your skirt and make sure it is the same width around as the bottom of your bodice.

Attach Skirt to the Bodice

Pin the top of the skirt to the bottom of the bodice, right sides together.  The easiest way is to have your bodice turned right side out, and your skirt inside out.  Place your bodice upside down into the top of the skirt and pin around the top.  It is a good idea to tuck the sleeves out of the way so that they don’t get in the way of your sewing.  Sew the bodice and skirt together using a 3/4″ seam allowance.  Use a zig-zag stitch to finish off the edge of the seam.

Press the seam upwards (towards the bodice) with your iron.  Now you are going to stitch along the top of the seam, all the way around, to create an elastic casing (make sure you are using thread that matches the chocolate brown bodice).  Leave 2″ open so that you can insert your elastic.  Take 20″ of 1/4″ elastic and attach it to a safety pin.  Thread it through the casing.  Sew the ends of the elastic together and then sew the opening shut.

And that’s all!  I left the elastic out of the sleeves because I noticed that Cinderella’s sleeves are loose, but of course you could make yours any way you wish.

pic2 pic3

I also made an apron with an applique to go along with the dress.  It was very time consuming, and it was my first attempt at creating something like this, but here is a quick look at how I did it.

First I found a clip-art picture online of one of the bird characters from Cinderella, here is what my applique was supposed to look like:


I have to say that my little bird didn’t turn out quite so happy looking, rather a little worried looking!

Supplies used: various scraps of fabric, heat n bond, black thread, basic sewing supplies.

I printed the bird and cut it out around the outer edges.  I pinned it to some blue fabric that already had some heat n bond applied to the back of it.  I cut the bird shape out of the blue fabric (leave the back of the heat n  bond on, do not peel it off yet)


Next I cut out pieces of the bird that were not blue (ie the hat, vest, beak, etc…) and pinned them to coordinating colors of fabric – these pieces of fabric also had heat n bond applied to the back.  I cut out each little piece of the bird and applied them to my blue main bird piece, like a puzzle.  Peeling off the back of the heat n bond I pressed each piece into place with my iron.  Here is the little bird coming together: pic5 pic6

After all of the pieces were in place I peeled off the backing on my main (blue) bird piece and positioned it where I wanted on the apron skirt.  Then, using black thread, I stitched all of the features and outlines onto the bird.  I used a zig-zag stitch, setting the length at almost zero.  The width of the stitch varied, as you can see that some of the lines on the bird are thicker than others – for example the black parts of the eyes are also done using a wide zig-zag stitch.


apronIt can be pretty tricky to get the facial details just right, as I mentioned before, my bird seems to look a bit worried and the original picture the bird looked happy!  As for the Cinder-Calleigh lettering, I don’t have a fancy embroidery sewing machine so this is just done freehand, again with a zig-zag stitch on a very short stitch length setting.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have enjoyed this post!



14 LOVE-ly Hair Accessories

21 Jan


Valentine’s Day is nearing again!  Earlier last week I started looking around for some beautiful and romantic ideas to make some assorted Valentine’s hair accessories.  I ended up creating my own (which I will share with you as well) but I did come across some wonderful tutorials which I wanted to share with my readers.  Some are fun and funky, some are romantic – but they are all free and have great instructions (no links to Etsy shops or pictures only)  I hope you enjoy these “LOVE-ly” selections!  Here are the links below, in no particular order:

Crazy-In-Love-Bow1. Crazy-In-Love-Bow tutorial from The Ribbon Retreat.  This bow looks like so much fun!


felt-heart-barettes-beaut-12. Valentine Heart Barrettes from the Purl Bee – these lovely little felt hearts are so precious!


valentine heart clippie3. This Clippie Ribbon Tutorial from the Sugar Bug Boutique is very well explained and adorable!


Rose-Barrette-dine4.  Beautiful little Rose Barrettes, also from the Purl Bee (I just love this Blog!)


hair prettie 5.  Valentine Hair Pretties from the Anxious Crafter. This one would be gorgeous for little girls (or bigger girls like me!)


valentine heart
6.  Here is another take on the sculpted heart – Valentines Heart Hair Clip Tutorial  from Double Stitching. Cute and simple!


ruffle bun7. The Ruffle Hair Wrap tutorial from The Hopeful Threads could easily be made with some Valentine-themed fabric.  It’s versatile and can be used in many different ways!


100lc_diyflowers18. These delicate cotton and tulle Fabric Flowers by Michonne  from the 100 Layer Cake look so elegant!


pouf9  Another charming fabric flower! The French Pouf flower tutorial by Love Maegan is made with chiffon and tulle.


My-Heart-Bow-210. The My Heart Bow tutorial from the Ribbon Retreat, wonderful and slightly over the top, a super bow for a little girl!


satin and tulle11. This Satin and Tulle Flower Tutorial from Of Pinks and Fairytales is so classy!


Zipper-Heart12.  How much fun is this?? The Zipper Heart, also from the Ribbon Retreat, they have so many wonderful tutorials!!


yoyo113.  The Flower YoYo Headband – sparkly and pretty, I love this one from Morenas Corner.  Actually I am in the process of making one for my daughter with pink satin and heart acrylic gems to give it a Valentine theme.


titleimage14. And last but not least, my very own creation the Cross My Heart Hair Clip tutorial…

I hope that you have found something that has inspired you to create!  Thank you for stopping by.

~Lisa K

Day 6 ~ Ballerina Barrette Holder

20 Nov

On to Day 6 of “15 Days of Handmade Gifts”.  A lot of work has gone into this series, but it has also been so much fun ~ and I love seeing what the guest bloggers have come up with.  Today is no exception, we have a guest post from Jocie, her blog is One Project Closer’s The Better half and she is teaching us how to make a really cute ballerina barrette holder.  What an excellent girl’s Christmas gift idea! Today’s ad sponsor will actually go along perfectly with this gift idea ~ we have Sweetbeanz Boutique, who makes some of the cutest bows around!  So go quickly, make your barrette holder, and then head on over to Sweetbeanz Boutique and pick out some bows to fill up your barrette holder! (she is giving my readers a discount too!)

Sweetbeanz Boutique features whimsical gifts for the sweet kid in your life!  We specialize in boutique layered hair bows, bottlecap clippies, children’s jewelry, tutus, invitations and announcements.  We welcome custom orders, especially requeststo make a bow to match a special outfit. All items are hand made by me from start to finish and I take great pride in making sure customers are thrilled with their purchase when they receive it in the mail.  My four children are my inspiration for everything I make.  I believe children are such a gift from God, they should be celebrated.  And every day holds reason to celebrate at Sweetbeanz Boutique!

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I have set up a special coupon code for Sweet Benanna&Sam readers!  They can enter the coupon code SWEETBENANNASAM during checkout in my Etsy shop and save 10% off their total purchase!

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Ballerina Barrette Holder

If you’ve never heard of us, The Better Half is a new sister site to One Project Closer (OPC). OPC has been around almost 5 years now and is for the hard-core home improvement lovers. Our men of OPC shadow contractors and teach you how to do-it-yourself like the pros. While we are the sister site, don’t worry, we’re not sister wives. lol! Kim and I (Jocie) are the wives of Fred and Ethan (respectively) and we run The Better Half, dedicated to the finer things, like DIY home decor, crafts, and sometimes kid-friendly stuff too. I write a lot of the crafty, decor posts, while Kim focuses on gardening and constantly updating our coupon info (like this AJ Madison Coupons page). We also host a link party every Friday where we give away FREE ad space and sometimes even gift cards!

Here’s me and the fam – my hubby, Ethan and our two beautiful, amazing, crazy girls, Izzie and Lucy! Btw, we’re from Baltimore – GO RAVENS!

I love to make homemade Christmas gifts and have made many over the years – clay ornaments, jewelry, breads, cookies – the list goes on. But with 6 nieces, 2 nephews, and 2 daughters, I make a lot of kid oriented gifts. This ballerina barrette holder is a wonderful gift for any girl because it makes pretty decor while also organizing the millions of barrettes, if you’re girls are like mine. lol! These cost about $10 each, and I’ve seen them at Hobby Lobby for double that.

I was looking around online and saw some beautiful, but not handmade, barrette holders, and thought that I could do it myself and for much less cost! By changing the color paint, tulle, and ribbon, it is completely customizable. For this project, we needed 1/2″ plywood (1/4″ would work too), paint, ribbon and tulle.

I started by drawing a template for the bodices, tracing it onto the plywood, and cut it out using a jigsaw. They were pretty easy cuts and quick. I think I did more difficult stuff in my elementary wood shop class. haha

I then used some coarse sandpaper and followed up with some fine grit sandpaper. It smoothed out all the edges and removed any lingering marker.

Izzie (dressed in her own ballerina gear) got in on the fun, and helped prime the bodices.

I then painted two purple and one pink, since I was making three.

I free-hand painted some swirls using acrylic paint, adding little accent dots to make it less grown-up and more playful. If you’re not into swirls, some easy alternatives would be flowers, polka dots, or stripes. Right now, there are so many amazing stencils out there, that would work really nicely too.

Here’s where 1/2″ plywood comes in handy, but I’m sure you could manage with 1/4″. We put some heavy-duty staples on the bottom edge to secure the tulle.

I added ribbon just for style but it also helped hide some of the rougher edges. The vertical strips are for clipping barrettes, and I decided to glue them in place. I found that adding a bow to the bottom of each ribbon looks cuter and also keeps barrettes from sliding off the bottom.

And then I added more ribbon across the bodice.

The finishing touch was a silk flower on the bodice shoulder. Since then, I have become obsessed with making fabric flowers, and if I had to do it again, I probably would have made my own flower. Lastly, I tied some ribbon in a bow for hanging the barrette holder, stapling the ribbon to the back of the bodice.

For more fun projects and crafts, visit me at The Better Half! You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Hope to see you soon!

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