Preschool Learning – Letter V Worksheet {free printable}

1 May

V Practice

If you missed it last week – Wednesday is now Letter Worksheet day on Sweet Benanna & Sam.  Last week we shared our free printable Letter R worksheet.  This week we are working on the letter V.  Click on the picture AT THE BOTTOM of this post to be directed to the free printable.

Here is how we use our worksheet: First we talk about the letter, which one it is, what it sounds like, whether it’s a vowel or a consonant.  There are four pictures at the bottom, but only three of them start with the proper letter.  He has to figure out which one does not start with the correct letter, and then he crosses it off.  He colors the remaining three pictures (coloring practice) and then cuts them out (cutting practice).  Next he glues the pictures into each of the three boxes provided.  Then he likes to color the letter as well.  Next he practices writing the letter in the space at the top of the page.  The space provided at the top for writing helps to give him an idea of how big to print the letter – Preschoolers typically print in GIANT size.   He usually likes to print his name too.  So there are several different learning applications involved in this worksheet.

Here is the free printable:

V Practice


Thank you for stopping by today, I hope your little one enjoys this worksheet!



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