Preschool Learning – Letter “R” Worksheet {Free Printable}

24 Apr

R Practice

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Recently we moved and this meant that our Four year old had to leave a wonderful preschool behind.  At his previous preschool he was learning how to read sight words, which was really exciting!  At the beginning of the year his teacher started with teaching the class each letter of the alphabet.  They learned how to sign each letter, they learned whether it was a vowel or a consonant, and they learned what each letter sounded like.  They also sang songs about each letter and did worksheets.  In January when they had every letter figured out, they began learning how to read.  When we moved away in March my son was reading about 20 words.  I knew that his new preschool was not going to continue this learning.  I got a list of all of the sight words from his teacher so that I could continue teaching him how to read after we moved.

He learns a lot of great things at his current preschool – practical things like the names of the planets, how to take care of pets, but no reading!  I am aware that he will learn how to read when he goes to grade school – but if he can learn now, what is the harm in teaching him?   I have taken several University level child development courses and I know that there are HUGE benefits of teaching your children to read at an early age.  In the first six years of life, children learn at a very fast pace.  Teaching them to read early on will create a strong foundation for their school years.  Children who can read well acquire higher marks on tests – because they understand the questions.  Children with strong reading skills are more self confident.  They are able to concentrate better and have high attention spans.  Reading helps them to increase their vocabulary and helps them to learn proper word pronunciation.

So I began to work on his words at home, but I realized quickly that he was also forgetting what some of the letters sounded like.  He needed to continue practicing each letter as well.  Based on a worksheet that his previous teacher also did with the children, I decided to create my own worksheet for each letter.  We started with the letter “R”, I am going to create a new one each week until the whole alphabet is covered.  This worksheet also has several other practical lessons in addition to learning letters.

Here is how we use ours:  First we talk about the letter, which one it is, what it sounds like.  There are Four pictures at the bottom, but only Three of them start with the proper letter.  He has to figure out which one does not start with the right letter, and then he crosses it off.  He colors the remaining three pictures (coloring practice) and then cuts them out (cutting practice).  Then he likes to color the letter as well.  Next he practices writing the letter in the space at the top of the page.  He usually likes to print his name too.  So there are several different learning applications involved in this worksheet.  If you would like to learn along with us, just click on the picture below to print your own worksheet.  I will be posting a new one every Wednesday.

R Practice

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2 Responses to “Preschool Learning – Letter “R” Worksheet {Free Printable}”

  1. Jody April 24, 2013 at 8:27 am #

    Wow, reading already! Great job B! The playschool learning plan you described is what they start in kindergarten, but if they can get a jump start on things a year early, that much better in kindergarten.
    We are getting a new playschool teacher for the new school year. Hope she has this sort of ambition for our little ones 🙂


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