{Simple} Pirate Mickey Felt Vest

8 Mar

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPirate night on our Disney cruise was fantastic!  If you have missed out on my previous post: Cruise Review, we recently sailed on the Disney Fantasy for a 7 night Eastern Caribbean cruise.

Like I said, pirate night was fantastic!  Full of costumes, pirate games and activities, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlive pirate shows, fireworks, so much fun!  Some people really went above and beyond with their pirate costumes, both children and adults in full pirate gear.

Our costumes were fairly simple.  I made the boys and daddy some quick felt vests with Pirate Mickey Appliqued to the back. So here is a little tutorial on how I made them.




-1 yard of felt (or more for adult sizes)

-scraps of felt in black, white, and red

-scraps of double sided fusible interfacing.

-basic sewing supplies

You will need to cut three pieces of felt for the main part of the vest. One for the back of the vest, and two for the front.   At Halloween I wrote a post about a werewolf vest, and it is exactly the same process.  Here is the link: Werewolf Vest  scroll down to the part where it says “and now on to the vest”.  You will use this to draft the pattern for your pirate vest.

Once you have those three pieces cut out, take the large piece for the back of your vest.  To make your applique you will first draw a pattern on paper.  The size of your pattern will depend on the size of the vest you are making.  I suggest drawing the “mickey” head on a piece of paper first.  I traced the bottom of a vase for his head and a coffee cup for his ears, this ended up being a great size for the vests that I was making.  You want to make sure that there is some room around the Mickey head for the bones to stick out, plus 1/2″ seam allowance for the sides of the vest.  Once you have a Mickey head that you are happy with, use it as a template to cut a Mickey head out of black felt.  Now you can sketch a bone.  Make it long enough that the one end can go underneath Mickey’s head about 1/2″.  You will need to cut out four of these in white felt.  Last but not least, you will cut a half circle for Mickey’s pirate bandana.  Make it about half the size as the main circle for Mickey’s head.  I used red felt for this.  You will also need to use your template and for each piece of felt cut a piece of fusible interfacing (eg. one mickey head, four bones, one bandana)

Now you are ready to put it together.  Take the back piece of your vest and all of your felt and interfacing to the ironing board.  Place the Mickey head in the center of your vest piece (do not fuse it yet!)  Take each of the four bone pieces and their corresponding piece of interfacing.  Place the bones on top of the vest (with the interfacing sandwiched underneath) with the edge of each bone just underneath Mickey’s head.  Then lift up Mickey’s head and fuse the bones into place with your iron.


Next place your Mickey head back on the vest with your interfacing in between and press it into place.  Lastly, put your bandana on.  I put mine with the top of the bandana slightly covering the bottom of Mickey’s ears.  Place the interfacing under the bandana and iron it to the vest.


To fully secure your applique into place, it is a good idea to sew around all of the edges with a tight zig-zag stitch.  Last but not least, you need to sew your vest together.  Take the left side of the front of your vest.  Pin it to the back of the vest, right sides together (so you are pinning it TO the side with the applique) and sew with 1/2″ seam allowance along the shoulder and the side of the vest.  Repeat this step with the right side.  Turn your vest right side out and you are ready to do your pirate jig!!

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