January was not my favorite month.

4 Feb

I am not sad that January is done with.  Several things happened that consumed my every thought, making it impossible to create and write!  The month started off happy enough.  My husband got a promotion at work, it meant that we would have to move to another city three hours away (Calgary), but I wasn’t feeling any pressure.  We would take our time and move when it suited us.  Then the craziness started.  We listed our home and it sold in less than 48 hours.  The possession date wasn’t until April 30th, but since we are going away on vacation in February we wanted to have all of our new living arrangements sorted out before we left town.  We started a massive marathon house hunt.  Armed with many listings that we wanted to view, we trekked south early one morning.  Three kids and our real estate agent in tow we embarked on a 16 hour home viewing  journey.  To say it was not a fun day is putting it mildly.  There was tears (not just the children), there was barf, what more can I say?  The economy is booming here, which is a blessing and a curse.  We live in oil country, there are more jobs than people.  Houses are built at an astonishing rate, but it still isn’t fast enough to satisfy the hoards of job hunters who flock here.  The problem?  The majority of houses that we wanted to look at were sold before we even arrived to see them.  The ones that weren’t were either garbage or they had RAISED their prices because Christmas had slowed the market down a tiny bit, but now things had picked up again.  At the end of the day we settled on a smaller community just North of Calgary.  We were exhausted and beat down.  The very last home that we saw was a brand new home and it worked well for our family. We immediately signed an offer.  The only hiccup was that they wanted us to take possession of the house much earlier- March 4th.

A few days later I took my son, Sam, to a routine check up for his eye.  Sam has had three surgeries in the past 8 months on his eye.  He has several problems with his eye but to really simplify it his eyes are not aligned properly.  After his last surgery in late October I really thought that his eyes were looking great.  I was very surprised to learn that this was not the case.  At Sam’s appointment they told me that he will need to have surgery again.

The following week we learned that there may be a problem with the purchasing process of our home.  Did I forget to mention that our personal banker is…well she is a nice lady, and I hate to say anything bad about anyone.  Maybe I will just say that dealing with her has wanted to make me tear out my hair.  She did something that jeopardized the purchase of our new home.  We were now set to move on March 4th (less than 6 weeks away), we had changed the dates officially with the person buying our home, and now we most likely had no place to live.  Knowing how rapidly the housing market moves, we jumped online to see what other homes might now be available.  We found one that might have even been better than the first home, but we would not be able to drive down and view it for a couple of days.  I was sure that this home was going to be sold by then, it was great!  After a call to our real estate agent we put an offer in on the home, subject to our satisfactory viewing of the property (totally insane, right?).  Two days later I trekked down to view the home with my real estate agent, my husband stayed at home with the children!  On our way there, we got word that everything was fine with the first house deal. Ugh.  Oh well, we already had this pending offer on the other home, might as well look at both and choose the best, right?  This was a great idea, except that after I saw both houses I could not decide which one was best.  They were both great for entirely different reasons.  One was brand new, beautifully finished, but a tiny yard.  The other home was already eight years old,  the flooring and other finishings were not as high end – but it had a gorgeous big back yard!  I was completely on the fence and could not decide, my husband gave me his blessing to choose which ever one I liked.  We drove back home and I still had no idea which one to choose.  My husband and I agonized over the decision all night, he was totally undecided as well.  In the end, we decided that we could upgrade the home on the beautiful lot, but we could not upgrade the lot on the beautiful home!  We went with the older home, for the kids!  The house deal is now completely done and all though I still have so many things to think about (packing, getting ready for vacation, Sam’s surgery)  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders! Here is part of my new back yard, back yardcan’t wait to sit around the fire pit this summer!

I still have to remind myself that life, although stressful, is not horrible!  I am thankful for so many things, here are three wonderful blessings in my life: photo (3)

So, in light of all of these things, my blogging time was a bit lacking this month!  I did manage to pull out a couple of great projects though.  If you missed them, there was a great buffalo chicken dip recipe (yes I made it for Superbowl yesterday!) Highly Addicting Buffalo Chicken Dip.  I also posted a cute Valentine’s hair accessory that I made for Anna: Cross My Heart {Hair Clippie} Tutorial and I did a round up of some of the other wonderful love-inspired hair accessories from around the blog world: 14 LOVE-ly Hair Accessories

And for February, I do have some exciting things in store!  I am not going to tell you what posts I have planned, but I will mention that starting on Saturday February 23rd will be the launch of my new link party!  One of my favorite blogs: Something Swanky retired their wonderful link party at Christmas time.  After talking with Ashton from Something Swanky, I have decided to pick up where she left off, and essentially revive her link party on Sweet Benanna & Sam.  The link party is called SWEET Treats and Something Swanky.  The idea is to link up food related posts in the Sweet Treats area, and craft or something else you have made in the Something Swanky area.  I think it will be a lot of fun!

The second thing that I am really excited about is that for the last week of February, I am going to be a guest judge on The CSI Project (Create Something Inspiring).  So much fun!  So please join me this month, I am very thankful for all of my readers!

~ Lisa K


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