Woodland Sparkle Ornaments

18 Dec

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Nineteen months ago our family embarked on a life changing journey.  We uprooted our comfortable lives and moved our family 1135 Kilometres (or 705 miles) from Langley British Columbia to the outskirts of Edmonton Alberta. At times the change has been trying and not entirely fun, but we have made this new place our home.  And a beautiful home it is!  We have really enjoyed exploring this part of Canada.

This Christmas I wanted to create some new ornaments for our tree that symbolized our new neck of the woods.  One thing I love about this region is the fascinating wildlife that we have encountered, and so I decided to create some felt ornaments in the image of our favorite creatures.  I have created a printable template for you as well, instructions and template are at the bottom of this post.

The first wild animal(s) that we saw after we moved here were these gigantic Jack Rabbits. 252806_10150629899450080_3649584_n These were not your typical cute pet bunnies; rather muscular bunnies on steroids.  They run wild all over our neighborhood, and when I say run I mean it~ they are really fast!  It’s hard to catch a good picture of them, but here is one trotting down the street.

I have also had a couple of encouters with the majestic Moose.  What a strange and wonderful animal!  Here is the one that chased me when I was nine months pregnant last fall.  I don’t think anyone has ever seen a full term pregnant woman run faster.  Did anyone help me?  No!  They were too busy laughing.


Here he is in the woods. Gorgeous!  Until he ran out of the woods towards me.

This is after he ran at me, heading safely away I snapped another picture.

This is after he ran at me, heading safely away I snapped another picture.

And this lovely girl we found injured on the side of the road.  Her leg was torn up 547296_10151836247720080_434701062_nquite badly (you can see it was the hind leg closest to the fence).  After calling several animal rescue places I was disappointed to find out that there was nobody to help her.  Unfortunately the police had to come and deal with the situation.

Lastly we have the Buffalo!  Or I guess they are actually the North American version, we301300_10150877747190080_2025655013_n have Wood Bison and Plains Bison.  I would not describe them as majestic or beautiful, but when you come across them they are quite impressive. We have come across them on many occasions: on the road, in the playground, on hiking trails.  There is a park only twenty minutes by car from our house, Elk Island National Park, where the bison roam free.  Massive herds of them roam this scenic 194 square kilometre park. We love to drive, hike, and picnic in Elk Island!


On the hiking trail…let’s go back the other way!


Sorry kids, we won’t be playing at the playground today!


Beep Beep!!

It was very easy to create these felt ornaments.  Here are the supplies you will need:

~Piece of sturdy sparkle felt.  Michael’s has a selection of sparkle felt that is thick, and they sell it in individual sheets so you don’t have to buy a large pack of them.  If there is no felt that is pre-sparkled, you could also dump some glitter into mod podge and paint it on your felt.  Just make sure you are getting a thicker felt, and not the flimsy kind from a dollar store.


~Animal template.  For my template I have drawn a Jack Rabbit, Moose, and a Bison.  You are welcome to use my template, however if you wanted to make some different animals it is very easy to do.  Go to google images and type in the animal you want to make and the word “outline” for example; “Elephant Outline”  a bunch of images should pop up.  You want to pick one that has simple lines, nothing very complicated.  You can either print this image, or you may need to re-size it if it’s too big.  I use a free downloadable program called GIMP to do this.  Here is a link to the template that I made: Woodland Sparkle Ornaments

~ Christmas Ribbon or twine, something to hang your ornaments.

~ Felt Marker

As I mentioned before, these ornaments are very simple to make.  Flip your felt so that IMG_2829the non-sparkly side is facing up.  Cut out the animals from your template and place them on the felt.  I used a marker to trace around my animals.  Next you will cut them out.  It is a good idea to cut on the inside of the marker lines, you will lose detail if you cut on the outside of the line.  If you IMG_2831have a hole punch, punch a hole somewhere near the top of your ornament.  If you do not, just use your scissors to make a little hole.  Thread your ribbon or twine through the hole, tie the ribbon together at the end.  Then you can go ahead and hang your pretty ornament.


ornamentWhile we are on the topic of ornaments, I want to share with you this cute Handmade Ornament exchange that I participated in this year (click on the picture to the left to be directed to the link party).  The exchange was created by the fantastic ladies who collectively call themselves “The Creative Headquarters”.  Their individual blogs are Chase The Star, Becoming Martha, Create Craft Love, and Wait Til Your Father Gets Home.  The ornament swap was facilitated by the website “Elfster” and we were each given a name and address to secretly send a handmade ornament to.  I sentangel my secret friend the plump little angel that you may have seen in a previous post ~ Pretty Dough Ornaments

Yesterday I received my ornaments from my secret friend!  Her name is Tuula and she has a wonderful blog ~ The Thrifty Rebel.  She has lots of awesome DIY decor tutorials that are inexpensive.  If you have some time to peruse her great little blog, I am sure you will find some delightful ideas.

Tuula sent me four gorgeous sparkly miniature wreaths that are now displayed on my tree. What a wonderful event to build a sense of online community!

secret ornament

I hope you have enjoyed this post today!  In two days I will be posting a BIG project that I have been working on ~ a vintage inspired girls party dress.  Of course I will be including free patterns and a full tutorial, so don’t forget to stop by and check it out!

Thank you for stopping by today!

~Lisa K




4 Responses to “Woodland Sparkle Ornaments”

  1. Tuula December 19, 2012 at 4:48 am #

    Hi Lisa! I’m so glad you like the wreath ornaments. It was such fun taking part in the ornament exchange. I hope you have a fabulous Christmas!!

  2. Wayne December 19, 2012 at 8:22 pm #

    Why can’t I print out the cut-out of the woodland sparkles?

    • sweetlisak December 19, 2012 at 9:25 pm #

      I am not sure ~ but I would like to try and help you. When you click print, or Ctrl P, does anything happen?


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