Day 8 ~ No Sew Pacifier Clips

22 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving to all you my American readers!  Today we have an easy little tutorial by Lisa from the blog (and shop!) Made Just for you By Lisa.  She brings us a no sew pacifier clip, a great gift for a new mom, or ~ are you always wondering what to put in a baby’s stocking?  Wouldn’t this be perfect?

Our Ad Sponsor today is The Crafty Room.  The Crafty Room sells some great crafting supplies INCLUDING lots of cute ribbon ~ which would be perfect for constructing your no sew pacifier clips!  They also sell buttons and more. The Crafty Room is also participating in our BIG giveaway on November 30th, so make sure you stop by their shop and have a look around!  Click on the banner below to visit The Crafty Room on Etsy!

Tired of your child dropping his pacifier on every floor you’ve stepped foot on? Think you’d like an easy DIY stocking stuffer for a friend? Want a toy tether but don’t feel like buying at a big box store and spending more than necessary?

Welcome to the No-Sew Pacifier Clip Tutorial!

The clips are incredibly easy to make and are extremely popular. I sell them in my shop (Etsy and Facebook) and take them to craft fairs – they are always the first products to fly off the table. People love these things!

What you need:

1. A piece of ribbon. Be sure to have sealed the cut ends with a lighter so they don’t fray. My ribbon is cut to 10″ (since that was the amount I had left), but you could make yours any length. I suggest using 7/8″ width as it is still nice and small, but allows plenty of room for the snaps you will use. Try to use a high-quality ribbon. The kind you find in the discount section of Michael’s is okay, but not likely to stand up to the test of time and will likely also fray more or show pulls when you apply your snap.

2. A suspender clip, in a coordinating size to the ribbon. I am using a 7/8″ ribbon so I have a 1″ suspender clip. You can find these at sewing shops or online – Etsy is always a great place to search for supplies (as long as you don’t mind waiting for them to be shipped.)

3. 3 snaps (front & back). I use KAM snaps but you could also use the metal snaps. Use 1 snap with a female piece and 2 snaps with male pieces. (The male piece is the one that sticks out and snaps into the female piece.) You could also use 2 female and 1 male, that’s entirely up to you. Makes no difference. Again, you can find these for very good prices on Etsy (though you’ll likely need to buy a batch of 100) or get them in your local sewing shop. My favourite Etsy supplier for these is SimplifiFabric, and they ship out of Canada and the US.

4. Snap pliers – you’ll need these to apply the snaps. Any brand is fine, just make sure you have it set up for the size of the snap you will be using. (Again, available at all sewing shops.)

5. I forgot to put it in the photo, but you’ll also need the poker that came with the snap pliers. “Poker” isn’t the official term for this tool but I don’t actually know what it’s called, so you’ll just have to go with that.

Assembly instructions:

Fold one end of the ribbon over about 1/4″, and then fold again.

Fold through the suspender clip so that the folds are on the bottom of the ribbon and line up with bottom side of the suspender clip.

Next, use the “poker” tool in the center of the ribbon to create a hole where your snap will go.

Apply your snaps so that the male/female side (male in my case) is on the bottom side of the ribbon, and the smooth part of the snap is on the top side as shown below.

Now, fold the other end of the ribbon over 1/4″ and then 1/4″ again, being sure to fold toward the underside of the ribbon. Apply a female snap here (or, if you used a female snap near the suspender clip, you’ll need a male snap now.)

Finally, use your last snap (should be the same as the first snap you applied) about 1 inch below the end snap. You want the gap to be small enough to hold a pacifier securely, but not too small.

You should now have 3 snaps on the ribbon, all facing the bottom side so your ribbon looks like this:

Ta-da!! You’re finished.

Here’s a bonus – you can snap the top and bottom together to make a toy tether that clips onto the car seat, stroller, baby’s shirt, etc. for those bigger teething toys or prized stuffies.

Hope this helps you create some very special DIY stocking stuffers for that special baby (or mommy, or mommy-to-be) in your life.

Thank you Lisa for posting today!  If you would like to visit Lisa’s Etsy shop, she makes BEAUTIFUL items for moms and babies ~ from pacifier clips like this, to reusable snack bags, luxurious blankets, and more!  Visit Lisa’s shop here: Made Just For You By Lisa and of course she also blogs: Lisa’s Blog


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