Day 1: A REAL Gingerbread House!

15 Nov

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So you might be wondering what I mean by a “REAL” Gingerbread House. A couple of years ago I wanted to make something meaningful for a very special friend of mine. This friend is the type of person who is warm and inviting. Both her and her husband invite people to their home, they counsel, mentor, and really use their house for wonderful purposes. So my gift to her was to make her house in gingerbread form. You see, by “REAL” gingerbread house, I mean I made an actual replica of my friend’s house in gingerbread. She was absolutely floored when I gave her this gift, and I would like to show you how I did it.


Camera (or Google Maps)

Drawing pad/pencil

Paper for gingerbread pattern

Gingerbread Recipe – this recipe is great because it does not expand very much in the oven, so your pattern will go together easier when it’s baked.

Royal Icing Recipe – this recipe is from “The Adventures of Sweet Sugarbelle” and it is a wonderful and easy icing.

Food coloring – whatever colors you would like to use for your house. I used black to make grey siding, and a bit of blue for water in the hot tub.

Various candy – I used: Kit Kat bars, Icy Squares, assorted Gum balls, candy fish, green licorice laces, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, caramels, broadway black licorice rolls, licorice all sorts, chocolate rocks, chocolate melting wafers, round peppermints, sour watermelon gummies, christmas tree gummies, and a hersheys cookies and cream chocolate bar. Here is a great website for ordering all kinds of candy: Candy Warehouse

I am going to share a secret with you. My husband told me that this was creepy and to never tell anyone, but it’s relevant to the project so here it goes. The first thing I did for this gingerbread project was drive to my friend’s house and take a picture of her home. I knew she wasn’t home and I took the picture from across the street. These days Google Maps has pictures of pretty much everyone’s home if you know the address, so if you don’t feel comfortable doing what I did, just use your computer. If you can get a picture of the home that you are building it will allow you to get a lot of the little details correct, which (I think) really makes it special. When I had my picture I went home and printed it out. Then I pasted it to a page in my sketch book and then drew the home to get a feel for all of the main elements and details.

The next step was to build a gingerbread pattern. The pattern is the walls and the roof of your home so it will be unique to the home that you are building but here is what mine looked like.

Here are a couple of tips about your pattern. The “roof” should be a little longer than the width of the “front/back main wall”, since you will probably want it to overhang slightly. The shorter sides of the roof top should also be a little longer than the top, sloped part of the “house side” pattern piece. The steepness of the roof will depend on the slope that you make at the top of the “house sides” piece; so if the roof of your house is flatter then you need to have a more gradual slope.

Once you have your pattern, make your batch of gingerbread. Roll your gingerbread out to 1/4″ thick onto a cookie sheet. Place your pattern pieces on top of your gingerbread; depending on the size of your house you may need to do more than one cookie sheet. Of course I used the house sides twice, the roof twice, the front/back main wall twice, the garage sides twice(you need two of each of those things). The garage roof I actually made three of – it also doubled as the flat roof piece over the front porch. Cut around your pattern; I used a pizza cutter for this part – I am sure a knife would work fine too. Pull all of the scrap gingerbread off of the cookie sheet and bake your house!

Now is a good time to whip up a batch of icing. This recipe says you can use any kind of flavoring, I used peppermint in mine. I think peppermint and Christmas are made for each other. Let your gingerbread pieces cool completely before assembling your house. Pipe icing wherever you are joining pieces, you may have to hold it together for a few minutes while the icing sets, but be generous with the icing. Once it is together you can decorate as you like.

Here are the front and back of the finished that house I made. I know my piped siding and windows are SO messy! I have to admit this was the first time I had done something like this, I did not have a lot of piping experience.

Remember the special thing about a custom gingerbread home is in the details; it shows that you pay attention to your friend or loved one and it makes it so meaningful. Here are a few of my favorite details from this home.

A couple of decorating candies that I loved ~ Kit Kat bars worked wonderfully for building decks and porches. I used licorice all sorts for outdoor lights on the garage, and for the chimney. The broadway black licorice rolls were perfect for the driveway and a few other details. And I know, my snowman fell over. He fell victim to my son’s wayward hockey stick, but that is life and I think it just adds more character, don’t you?

I hope you have enjoyed this little post ~ if you decide to build one this Christmas I would love to see some pictures! Please send them to

Thank you for stopping by!

~Lisa K


3 Responses to “Day 1: A REAL Gingerbread House!”

  1. June November 15, 2012 at 5:15 pm #

    Wow, I love it!, the idea is way beyond a true friendship, unique in every way, and it’s inspired me to search for ways to let those I know and love, that they are more valued than gold and more precious than diamond to me. Thanks, I will see you tomorrow !

  2. {Wait Til Your Father Gets Home} November 20, 2012 at 2:36 am #

    Oh wow! This looks amazing! You are such a thoughtful friend :o)

    Thanks for partying with us at Keep Calm & Link Up last week! Our party is starting a tad later this Thursday evening at 9 PM EST! Come join us when you get a chance sometime this weekend…can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on!
    xo, Meredith @


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