Exciting October!…And a BIG announcement.

2 Nov

October sure was a roller coaster of a month for me.   A lot of great, and not so great, things happened which I will share with you.  I also have to say that I am very excited with the direction that my sweet little blog is headed.  I am so eager to make a BIG announcement (at the end of this post!) and share some of my vision, and what you can expect to see here in the near future.

In October I completed several projects that I just adored, Sweet Little Red, Howl at the Moon, and Sweet Dolly Hugs, to name a few.  I have to say that these few posts boosted my readership immensely.  I went from averaging about 15 views a day on my blog (boo!) to averaging about 80 views a day, with a record day of 149 views.  I am sure that some of you might think, big deal!  This still isn’t a lot…but it shows me that my hard work is starting to pay off…the sky is the limit!

Our family had a pretty terrific month.  It started with my daughter’s first birthday! 

Shortly after Anna’s birthday, we had a very SPECIAL visitor!  I feel so blessed that my 90 year old Grandfather trekked 1063.98 Kilometres (each way)~ or 661.12 miles to visit us!  Don’t worry, he did not drive himself!!   Can you believe that at 90 years old he was still able to give my children “Horsey Rides” on his knee?  What an amazing man! 

Next we got all geared up for Halloween.  This years theme was “frugal”  I know it doesn’t sound like fun, especially for someone like me, but our children all had perfectly good costumes that still fit them, and we decided not to buy (or make!) new ones.  Plus I had plenty of other people who wanted me to make their costumes, so I was happy with that.  Anna was a giraffe, a costume that both of her brothers have previously worn.  Ben was Batman…again.  Sam was supposed to be Superman, but there was a last minute mishap!

Five Days before Halloween, we got everyone’s costumes out of the closets to make sure they had all of their accessories and were in good condition.  Sam accidentally dumped milk all over his costume.  The milk seeped in to the fake “muscles”, and the tag said that the costume was not machine washable.  Not wanting a foul milk odored costume, I whipped over to the local children’s consignment store to see if they had any good used costumes.  Everything left was fuzzy animals, nothing that would give Sam any street cred…my children are hooked on Superheroes and those types of characters.  Finally I had an idea to buy the fuzzy turtle and turn it into a Ninja Turtle.  Sam readily agreed.  Only $5, now that’s frugal!  Pictured on the left is my 10 second turtle.  I just used some scrap knit fabric for a headband, belt, arm bands, and knee bands and he was done!  Sam does not like anything covering his eyes (for a very good reason which I will share in a bit) so we put the headband/mask over the turtles eyes.  Perfect solution, everyone was happy!

Also during our “gearing up” for Halloween, I decided that I wanted to attempt some pretty sugar cookies for Ben to hand out to his classmates.  Although I am not nearly as talented as “Sweet Sugarbelle” (if you haven’t seen this blog already you MUST have a look!) I think my cookies turned out pretty good.  I used up a bunch of supplies that I had around the house to make the goody bags.  First of all I downloaded some free creepy Halloween font from DaFont.  I just happened to have some ghouly-green avery mailing labels in my filing cabinet to print my design on. The labels were small, I had just enough room for a little monster and “Happy Halloween from Ben”  Next I took out some clear plastic treat bags that I had left over from Valentine’s day.  They were kind of shaped like a witches cauldron.  Perfect for Halloween.  I also had some cupcake wrappers with pumpkins on them, I think they were from a couple years ago.  I squished the cupcake wrappers flat and then inserted them into the treat bags.  Then I put a label on the front of each one.  Lastly I made the cookies.  I use the sugar cookie recipe on Sweet Sugarbelle, and I also use her Royal Icing recipe too, works perfectly every time!  I especially love these recipes because she has made it so you can easily print them to take to the kitchen ~ and of course they taste good too!  After the cookies were done, I bagged them and they were ready to take to school.

  On the Tuesday before Halloween Samuel had to go for a routine check up at the opthamologist.  Sam has already had two surgeries and one MRI done this year~ he has some issues with his eye.  We always knew that there was a possibility that he would need more surgery, but I wasn’t prepared for what the doctor told me on Tuesday.  “We need to operate again, and we want to do it quickly.  We have a spot open on Monday.”  Monday, like six days away?  Well now that I am writing this it’s Friday and only a few days away.  I am nervous but hopeful that this will be the last one.  I am not too shy to ask for prayer, so if you are reading this, please by all means remember Sam in your prayers!  He is only two years old and small ~ but he is mighty!

So the Sam news was not so great, but I did have something wonderful happen the next day!  I had entered my “Sweet Little Red” costume into a handmade costume contest on one of my favorite blogs (CreateCraftLove and Becoming Martha).  I thought it ended on the 30th so I checked back on that day to see the winner.  On the blog they had posted “Ten of their favourite costumes” from the contest and mine was not included ~ oh well, better luck next year, right?  I have to say that this was the FIRST and ONLY sewing contest I have ever entered.  That night I had an idea about asking some of my favourite bloggers for a little help on my blog (I will go into more detail about this soon)  So on the morning of the 31st I went back to the CreateCraftLove blog to get Jill’s contact information so that I could ask her my question.  And I saw THIS ~ yes that’s right I HAD WON the contest!!  To say I was excited is an understatement, ecstatic, over the moon is more like it.

Could this day get any better?  YES!  It was Halloween, we had a day full of parties and trick or treating planned.  Here are my little ones all ready to go

So precious, I love them to pieces!  Now that Halloween is over, I am completely ready to dive right in to Christmas!  And that brings me to my BIG announcement.  Do you love to make gifts for your loved ones at Christmas? Starting on November 15th I am beginning a series called “15 Days of Handmade Gifts”  I am so excited about this, every day there will be a new DIY gift idea, with instructions so that you can make it at home too.  There will be a whole range of ideas from edible gifts, crafts, home decor, sewing projects, and more.   AND maybe even more exciting, I have some WONDERFUL bloggers lined up to do some guest posts ~ Adrianne from Happy Hour Projects, Christy from The Girl Who Ate Everything, Jill from CreatCraftLove, Barbara from Chase the Star …to name a few.  I am still waiting to hear back from a few more, and if you are a creative blogger with a great idea to submit, I still have a few spots open!  e-mail me at  And as for you readers, you won’t want to miss a day of this series ~ and if you subscribe to my blog by e-mail you won’t miss a thing!  You can find the “Follow Blog Via E-mail” box at the right side of this post.

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

~Lisa. K


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