Howl at The Moon ~ Easy & Inexpensive DIY Wolf Mask and Vest

19 Oct

Sometimes I find myself so amusing.  I am referring to my artwork in the picture above, it’s so cheesy yet somehow I think it’s hilarious.   Oh well, enough of that.  Halloween is getting close, are you running around and panicking because you just got invited to a party and have NO idea what you are going to do for a costume?  I recently made a felt and fur wolf mask and vest for a friend of mine.  It was quick to make, very easy, and cost less than those cheapy generic Wal-Mart costumes that never fit right.  Does this sound good?  Great!  Just follow my instructions and I will have you howling at the moon in no time at all! AWOOO!!!

Materials for Mask and Vest

~1.5 metres grey felt

~1 metre grey fun fur


~ 24 inches satin ribbon


~sewing machine

~about 14 inches of elastic (enough to go around the back of your head from eye to eye)

Lets start with the mask.  I have made a free printable template in adult size for you, so first follow these  links and print each one (make sure you have the “fit to page” box clicked):  Wolf Mask Base Template and Wolf Mask Add-Ons  .  Once you have printed the templates, cut out each piece along the black lines, make sure you cut the eye holes out too.  Pin to the fabric indicated on the template and cut out your pieces as per the directions.

You should have all of these pieces:

Take the two grey base pieces of your mask and place them together.  First we are going to sew them together around the eye holes, about 1/4 inch from the edge. 

Next you are going to cut a piece of elastic to go around the back of your head.  The elastic is going to connect on the top spiky edge of the mask on each side.  My elastic was about 14 inches long.  Take your elastic and insert one side into the top spiky piece beside the eye hole, in between the two pieces of felt.  You are going to sew all around the edge of your mask, 1/4 inch from the edge, but start by sewing in your piece of elastic.  I like to backstitch over top of it to make it extra secure.  Continue to sew all around the mask until you get to the other side, to the top spiky piece.  Before you sew over that area, insert the other end of your elastic.  Again I like to sew over the elastic a couple of times to make it stronger.  Continue on sewing around the edge of the mask until you get back to where you started.    Now we are going to attach the add-on pieces.  Grab the t-zone piece and place it  on the centre of the mask, between the eyes.  Line it up nicely and sew it into place, sew 1/4 inch from the edge.    Place the nose piece on top of the bottom of the t-zone.  Stitch into place. And the last step for your mask is to use the fabri-tac to glue the eyebrows on – and you’re done!  Super easy, and quick to make.  And I think it looks pretty good too.

And now on to the vest…

This vest was kind of an afterthought.  My friend had mentioned that she might like a wolf mask for Halloween. I was making a Little Red Riding Hood Costume for her daughter so The Big Bad Wolf was a good choice!  I wanted to make the mask to surprise her.  I bought WAY too much felt and fur and I didn’t want it to take up prime real estate in my fabric drawer, and so the vest was created.  It was sewn together very quickly and easily, I will show you how to make your own.

First take a loose fitting shirt and fold it in half.  Fold your felt in half also.  Place the shirt on top of the felt, with the folded middle of the shirt lined up to the fold in the felt.  Cut around the shirt – approximately 1 inch out so that you have room for a seam allowance and the vest can fit over top of your clothing.  This will be the back of your vest.Now you are going to cut another piece just like this one, except this time you will not be cutting on the fold (you will have two separate pieces)  Make sure your felt is doubled up, put the back piece of the vest that you just cut on top of it so that you can get the same shape, and cut around it.Now keep these two pieces on top of each other, and from the edge of the neckline cut down on an angle about 4-5 inches to make the neckline look nicer.(or more if you are THAT kind of lady 🙂 ) You should now have three pieces of felt that look like this:  Next we are going to add fur to the front of the vest, and put the ribbon ties in.  If you have enough fur you could certainly cover the back of the vest too.  Put the front pieces of your vest on top of the fur and cut around.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you have the front of your vest pieces facing opposite sides.  I didn’t think about this and cut two of the SAME pieces of fur, and then I didn’t have enough fur to cover the entire front of the vest, so I had to improvise a  little.  I will show you the picture I took, and you can see my mistake, please turn your vest piece so that they are facing OPPOSITE directions! Now that you have two pieces of fur cut out to match the front pieces of your vest, you are going to sew them on top.  But first lets get our ribbon.  I used 1/2 inch red satin ribbon, although you could really use any colour that you like.  Cut your ribbon in to two 12 inch pieces.  Take the two felt pieces for the front of your vest and measure 2 inches down from the neckline.  Pin one end of your ribbon in this spot. Now place the fur on top of the front piece of vest, sandwiching the ribbon in between.  Make sure the fur is facing up.  Sew all around the edge of the vest, making sure the end of the ribbon is secured inside.  Repeat this step for the other front piece of the vest.  Now you are going to pin the back piece of the vest to the front.  The front pieces should be right sides facing up.  Pin at the shoulders and the sides, and sew with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Lastly we are going to add a little tail to the back.  Just cut a little tail shaped piece of fur and sew it on to the bottom middle of the back of the vest.   And it’s finished!   Do you like it?  It would look really cute over a black long sleeve shirt, and maybe a black skirt.  

Thank you so much for stopping by, and HAPPY HOWL-OWEEN!!

~Lisa K


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