Teddy Bear Tea Party Ideas~Cake Decor, Table Runner, Free Printable & More

16 Oct

Our sweet little daughter, Anna, just had her first birthday!  Anna is our third child, our first two are boys, so I was in heaven planning a little girls birthday party.  I wanted the theme to be “Teddy Bear Picnic.”  My husband felt that it wasn’t girly enough, and although I always think I know better, I understand that she is his daughter too – so I changed it to Teddy Bear Tea Party.  Husband was good with that!  In this blog post you will (hopefully!) find some good party ideas.  There is a link to a great dress tutorial and an apron tutorial, some excellent cake decorating ideas, instructinos for a beautiful flower and fabric banner and a table runner, and also a free teddy bear “thank you” printable at the end.

The Party Frocks:

Leading up to the party, I made Anna a cute little pink gingham dress.  I had pinned a tutorial awhile back on Pinterest (of course I have been pinning ideas for her first birthday practically since she was born).  The dress tutorial was from the wonderful blog “Craftiness is not Optional, if you would like to check it out here it is:  The Junebug Dress.  I also made a little apron, since she was going to be hosting a tea party.  You can find the tutorial for her apron here:  Sweet Cupcake Ruffled Apron.

The Cake:

Over the past couple of years, cake smash photo shoots have become very popular.  I did not do one with my boys but I couldn’t wait to do one for Anna!  I made a cake.  Okay I made a pretty fancy cake, considering she was just going to destroy it.  It was actually pretty easy though, and I got to try out another idea from Pinterest.  I made a round cake and crumb coated it.  Then I made some sculptable icing.  Have you ever heard of this?  I hadn’t either, I always use fondant on my cake.  The sculptable icing was definitely more pliable than fondant, but it was fairly easy to work with and I think it tastes much better!  Plus my son had a great time playing with it and making his own icing “sculptures”.  There is (of course!) a tutorial on how to make it.  It comes from “The Decorated Cookie” and you can find all of the great instructions here:  Sculptable Frosting.  For my cake, I “sculpted” a gingham picnic blanket using pink and white squares of the frosting.  I then rolled a little decorator tool over top to give it a quilted look.  Then for the top of the picnic basket cake I made an apple, grapes, watermelon, a turkey leg (as per my son’s request) a little teddy bear, and an ant (what’s a picnic basket without ants?).  I used a basket weave technique for the icing around the cake.  It might look daunting but it’s actually very simple – just have a look at these instructions.  I also made the number one and Anna’s name out of orange chocolate wafers and rainbow sprinkles.  This is also very easy to do.  Here is my method:  Draw your simple design on a piece of paper (so for me I drew the number one)  place the paper on a baking sheet, and put a piece wax paper on top.  Melt your wafers in an OPEN ziploc bag in the microwave.  Microwave for 20 seconds at a time, each time the microwave stops take the bag out and smoosh all of the pieces with your fingers.  When the wafers are fully melted, snip a small corner off of the ziploc bag and quickly trace the outline of your design and then fill it in.  Don’t worry if  looks a little lumpy and there are  holes, we are going to fix that.  Now put the ziploc bag down and with one hand on each side of the baking sheet, bang it on the counter several times.  Your design should smooth out and the holes should fill in.  Take a handful of little sprinkles and sprinkle them over top of the chocolate.  I like to put my chocolate designs in the fridge or freezer until they are fully hard.  When you are ready to use them, carefully peel them off of the wax paper and decorate away!

The Smash:

My good friend Jackie is also an aspiring photographer (lucky me!)  She was very excited to take Anna’s pictures,  she had all kinds of great ideas.   I was also grateful that she lent her home for this messy messy photo shoot!  She had some teddy bears and helium balloons set out for props.  She also made these adorable little pipe cleaner and pom pom ants to come to the picnic.  Here are some of the pictures from the photo shoot:

The Party Decor:

Since it is October and we live (almost) in the Arctic, Anna’s party had to be indoors.  I wanted my house to look like a garden, so I made lots of tissue paper flowers.  This was also an idea from Pinterest.  There is a great tutorial on this subject from a blog called “Rust & Sunshine”  she gives great instruction on how you can make all different types of flowers here:  Tissue Paper Flowers.  I made several of these flowers and put them in to vases.  Then I did something a little different.  I had a couple packages of 20 inch paper doilies.  I decided to make a table runner using the doilies and paper flowers.  To do this, I changed one thing about the flowers in the tutorial on Rust&Sunshine.  Instead of having the pipe cleaner stem facing downwards, I twisted it so that it was facing towards the top of the flower.  Then I cut it down to about 1 inch long.  This made the bottom of the flower flat.  I then got out my glue gun and glued one flower in the middle of each paper doily, then I glued the edge of each doily together to make one long table runner.  Mine was ten doilies long.  I made a mixture of white and yellow, and white and pink flowers.One of the other decorations I made was a name banner to go across our mantle.  Again I used the tissue paper flowers.  I made two and glued each one to a paper doily.  These made the ends of my banner.  Then I took a doily and traced the inner circle part onto a piece of paper to get the sizing for my letters.  I freehanded the letters “A” and “N” inside of the circle on the piece of paper.  This made sure that they would fit properly inside of the doily and that they were all the same size.  I grabbed some scrap red gingham fabric and some heat n bond ultra.  I ironed the bumpy side of the heat n bond onto the wrong side of my fabric.  Next I pinned the paper letters to my fabric and cut out all of the letters for Anna’s name.  I peeled off the back of the heat n bond and placed each letter onto one paper doily.  Then I pressed each letter into place with my iron.  Now I had six doilies – two with flowers and four with letters.  I lined it up so that Anna’s name was in the middle and there was a flower on each side.  Next I got out my glue gun and glued the doilies together, side-by-side.  And it was done!  I think it looked very pretty.


The Party Favors & Games

The loot bags were a lot of fun.  I got some brown paper craft bags from the dollar store, nothing fancy.  Inside were some big gummy bears and Hershey’s kisses.  There were some other dollar store items also, but my favorite item in the goody bag was these little bear and teapot cookie cutters.  I found them at our bulk store for .60 cents each, perfect price for a treat bag too.  I can just imagine the children at home making tiny little cookies with their moms.  Plus, if i’m being honest, I can’t wait to make some little cookies with them myself!   I was also very proud of my “thank you” labels that I made to stick on the goody bags.  The little label that I made and glued onto the bags read “Thank you for coming to my party!  My Teddy Bear loves you” awwwww!!  If you would like a free printable for your own party, here is the link: Thank you label  There are six labels to a sheet, just print, cut and glue.

Our party games were very basic, a must when entertaining one year olds!  Every child brought their own teddy bear.  For the first game we sat in a circle and did the nursery rhyme, “Teddy bear teddy bear turn around…etc” and the teddy bears did the actions to the nursery rhyme.  When the rhyme was over, each child (or mom) took a turn saying “teddy bear teddy bear” and then an action, for example, “Teddy bear teddy bear give a hug” and then they had to make their teddy bear do the action.  The second game wasn’t really a game, just a dance along to “Rock-a-bye-bear” by The Wiggles.  We can’t get enough of The Wiggles in our house, and sadly I know ALL of the dance moves!  So that’s about it, I hope you enjoyed this post.  Thanks for stopping by!

~Lisa K



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