Mr. Potato-Kin ~ Toddler pumpkin fun

9 Oct

While we were out shopping yesterday, I noticed a bin of pumpkins with an excellent sale price attached to it. Since Halloween is still a few weeks away it is still pretty early to carve pumpkins, but $2 seemed like too good of a deal to pass up for some large pumpkins. It turns out the store had mistakenly put the $2.00 price tag on the pumpkins, but nevertheless the manager gave us the price advertised and we were on our way to a family fun pumpkin carve-off night.

We had two pumpkins. My husband and my four year old, Ben, were on one team. Sam, my two year old was on my team. How do you carve pumpkins with a toddler? In the past I have let them help scoop out the guts, that part is easy. Usually I then give them a washable felt marker and let them go crazy with pumpkin colouring for awhile. When they are bored of that I wash the pumpkin off and then ask them what type of eyes, nose, mouth, etc…they would like. Then I carve the face myself. This year I was about to do the same thing when I heard my husband (who was vigorously carving his pumpkin) say, “Prepare to meet…MR ANGRY EYES!” Some of you may recognize this line from Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story 2, you know, where he accidentally sticks a pair of shoes in his eye hole and runs into a wall…pretty hilarious stuff! Anyways, I immediately had this brilliant idea. I ran upstairs and snatched up my children’s Mr. Potato Head accessories. I came back to our little competition and used a small knife to make a hole for some eyes, ears, nose, and of course the little potato hands. Now my two year old could put any kind of face he liked on Mr. Potato-kin. For the mouth I actually had a bunch of glow in the dark fangs from the dollar store. I carved out a mouth piece that I could fit the fangs inside. This made it look a little more spooky and Halloweenish. My husband pointed out that there would be no holes for the candle light to shine through. We are going to fix it by drilling a nice pattern of holes in the back of the pumpkin. I am probably not the first person to ever think of putting potato head pieces into a pumpkin, but I had never seen it before so I thought I would share it with you.

Sam was happy that he got to participate and make his pumpkin his own. And best part, he can change it to look different whenever he wants. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this post!

~Lisa K


One Response to “Mr. Potato-Kin ~ Toddler pumpkin fun”

  1. sofreakingood October 10, 2012 at 12:22 am #

    I absolutely love this pumpkin! It’s adorable. I wish I had a Mr. Potato Head so I could make one. Great idea and great job 🙂

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