Sweet Little Red ~ My Halloween Project

1 Oct

October 1st is here, now I can officially start to get excited about Halloween!   I have to admit that I have been thinking about this yearly event for quite awhile now.  I was a little bummed- my children already have costumes that fit them and I knew my husband was not going to let me go overboard making them something new.  Then about a month ago, one of my good friends casually mentioned that she might like me to make a Little Red Riding Hood costume for her daughter.  I jumped at the chance, immediately dreaming up all kinds of fun ideas for an amazing costume!

So this will be my contribution for a Halloween sewing project this year.  I have a complete tutorial with a pattern in two sizes (18 months and size 5) for the dress almost ready to be posted!  The dress was completely my own design, so I will post my tutorial for that.  The cape and pettiskirt were not my own design, so I will talk a little more about those projects here.   I had never done a hooded cape before.  I think I could have figured it out on my own, but I actually wanted to take the opportunity to purchase a pattern from an Etsy shop, just to try it out.  The cape pattern I purchased was called “The Maisie Cape” and it was from a shop on Etsy called “MyChildhoodTreasures”.  I was very pleased with the product that I received.  The pattern had lots of pictures.  It was  very easy to follow and the cape looked (as my husband described it) “like it was bought from a store”  I think that’s a good thing?  The pattern actually had a Little Red Riding hood applique that you could make, but my friend wanted to use the cape for Christmas also, so I opted to leave it off.  For the pettiskirt, I have made a few of them now so I have my own methods but there are so many tutorials on how to make these that I will leave that up to you, I will add a few links at the bottom of this post to help you out.  The sweet little apron that “Little Red” is wearing is one of my designs too, I have already posted a tutorial for that on my blog, here is a link: Sweet Cupcake Ruffled Apron

So, please check back in the next couple of days to find the tutorial for this dress and the free pattern!

My favourite pettiskirt tutorials:  From CRAFTSTER – This tutorial has an excellent math formula to help you decide how much tulle or chifon you will need to buy

From Sewing in No Man’s Land – I love the instructions and method for sewing the yoke, or top part of the pettiskirt in this tutorial

Here is a link to the shop where I found the awesome cape pattern:

Thanks for stopping by!

~Lisa K


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