Ben’s Superhero Birthday Part 3 – Super Activities…and a Hulk Smash cake

14 Sep

All of my best schemes seem to come to me while lying awake in the middle of the night.  This was especially true of the whopper of an idea that I came up with a few weeks before Ben’s birthday party.  Here is the back story.  A friend of ours had recently married a man that she had been dating long distance for quite some time.  He lives in California, she lives in British Columbia.  We don’t really know him as we moved away from B.C a year and a half ago.  So, back to my idea.  A few days before my midnight epiphany, our friend had posted a picture of her new spouse on Facebook.  He was dressed in this amazing movie quality Batman costume.  Immediately I commented, “wow, too bad we didn’t live closer, I would love to have him at Ben’s birthday!”  And our friend responded that he actually does go to parties dressed as Batman.

Now fast forward to 2:00am when the light (in my brain) flashed on.  What if our friend’s husband could dress up as Batman and record some short video messages for Ben and the guests at his party?  Since it was supposed to be a superhero training party, he could tell them that they were all selected to be trainees and kind of introduce the activities.  How could I possibly ask someone to go out of their way to do this for us?

The next day I sent a message to his wife and I did ask.  My friend’s husband not only readily agreed to film the videos, he actually seemed excited to do it!  He filmed three short video clips and sent them to me.  As I watched his handiwork, I was completely blown away!  He had gone above and beyond anything I could have dreamed up at 2:00am.  Well, I will show you and you can tell me what you think.

Here is a link to the first video:  Batman Video 1  This video welcomed everyone to the party and explained that they had been selected to participate in superhero training.

After the children watched this video, they were broken up into smaller groups.  We had four training exercises.  One was an obstacle course through our playcentre.  They had to climb up our little climbing wall, crawl through the play house, go down a twirly slide, then do a “superman swing” on their bellies on each of our swings.  The next “training” activity was accuracy shot.  It was basically just a corn hole game.  Then they were on to the “Leap a tall building in a single bound” – which was just bouncing in our bouncy castle.  I didn’t want to make the games too involved or difficult (these are four year old children we are talking about!)  The last training game was animal rescue.  I had filled our little blow up swimming pool with little balls and various small toy animals.  For each child I told them which animal they needed to rescue and then they had to dive in and find their animal and “rescue” it.

When all of the activities were complete, we went back inside to watch the second video.  This video congratulates the children on completing their training, and sends them on one last mission.  Here is the link to watch it: Batman Video 2

While they were watching this video, my husband spread 50 plus balloon swords all over the backyard.  He and I had made them the night before while drinking some wine.  Lots of fun.  The kids then went outside and had a gigantic balloon sword fight, they had so much fun with this!!  I onlywish we had made more swords.

The last video we played for the children while we were getting the cake ready. My son loves superheroes but I always try to reinforce that being a superhero is about using your strength to help others, not just fighting, so I wanted Batman to let all of the kids know this as well.  Here is the last movie clip: Batman Video 3

The children loved these movie clips.  I did tape them watching them, however I can’t seem to find where I saved them on my computer, hopefully I will find them soon and I can post them here.  This is going to conclude my series of Ben’s birthday party.  I was going to do a fourth post about the cake and decorations, but quite frankly I am tired of writing about this party!!  So I am just going to post some pictures of the Hulk cake that I made.  Thanks for reading!!

~Lisa K

Hulk cake:

First I made the Incredible Hulk figure out of rice krispie treats.

Next I covered the figure in marshmallow fondant

Raaah Hulk Smash! I used candy lego bricks to make it look as though the Hulk was smashing a brick wall.

The cake was red velvet and vanilla swirled together

I love to hear your sweet comments!

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