Ben’s Superhero Birthday Part 1 – The Invitation

5 Sep

When your husband tells you that every child from your son or daughter’s class needs to be invited to their birthday party so that no one feels left out, you need to stop him right there.  Inviting 20 plus children to any party is just sheer madness.  It’s even worse for the crafty DIY mommies who feel the need to make everything themselves, so much work and effort is put into every little detail.

So yes, this is what happened for my son, Ben’s, fourth birthday party.  Only I didn’t tell my husband he was crazy.  I invited those 20 plus children.  And although it went pretty well, I am saying now that this will never happen again!

Ben chose Superhero as his birthday theme again this year.  We decided to make it a Superhero training party and give them a few “training” exercises to wear them out.  I will get to those in a later post, but for now I wanted to share his invitation with you because I thought it was cute and clever.  I saw this idea on Pinterest a few months ago and wanted to try it out.  I took Ben outside in front of our house and we spent about twenty minutes drawing buildings, a sun, and clouds with sidewalk chalk on our driveway.  Next I had Ben lye down on our driveway and I drew a billowy red cape behind him.  I then had him put his hands out like he was Superman flying through the sky.  I am not a great photographer, it took a few tries to get him in the right position and make it look like he was flying.  Ben was a great sport, and I think the photo turned out well!  Next I edited the photo on Picasa and added some text.  Voila, invitation finished.  I chose to e-mail out his invitations but you could also have the picture printed and send it out.

Part 2- The Comic Book is coming tomorrow.  It’s quite spectacular, you won’t want to miss it!


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