The Natural Evolution of the S.A.H.M (Stay at home mom)

4 Sep

headshotHere I am! Just another stay at home mom starting a blog about sewing, crafting, and her children.  Nothing original, in fact I have a theory that all stay at home moms get to this stage eventually.

The first year staying at home is all about the baby.  Gooing over your sweet little one all day long, getting in lots of snuggles, maybe getting the odd basket of laundry complete.  You dabble on Facebook, post lots of cutesy pictures of baby, but really you are too consumed with baby to fully get into it.

Then it happens.  You approach the one year mark of unemployment. The decision to either go back to your job because maternity leave is ending, or quit and stay home full time is not an easy one to make.  If you choose the latter, the next step of the progression is a little frightening!  Ending your work career and really starting your mom career pits you into a psychological battle.  Letting yourself be dependent on your husband’s income is pretty difficult.  Chances are you have been working and earning an income, contributing to the household budget since leaving school.  Hopefully your husband is gracious and doesn’t tease about giving you performance reviews.

So now you are at home taking care of dear little one all day long.  You are doing well budgeting on one income, but you still stress about not contributing to the household money and having to rely on your husband to make ends meet. Changing diapers and kissing boo-boos doesn’t seem so important in the grand scheme of things.  You start to wonder what you are contributing to society.   Thoughts of entertaining and raising your child slowly turn into, “how can I make money and still be a stay at home mom?”  Several business ideas flow through your head.  Eventually you think, “hey, I was a great writer in high school…maybe I should start a blog!”

Several failed blog attempts later, you have not made a penny (if we are counting this is my third attempt at starting a blog!)  For Christmas your husband gives you an i-phone, you spend the first 48 hours glued to it.  No playing with precious toddler, no laundry gets done.  You peel yourself away from the i-phone long enough to go to a playdate.  While at said playdate, you talk about your new i-phone and someone mentions how much they love Pinterest.  Upon returning home you immediately grab your i-phone and download the Pinterest app to see what all the fuss is about.  IT rocks your stay at home mommy world and unleashes a whole new world of possibilities…

Now two years of unemployment has gone by.  Through Pinterest you have discovered wonderful step-by-step DIY tutorials on every subject imaginable.  You now own a sewing machine, drawers full of crafting items and fabric and unfinished projects that “one day” you will finish.  You have discovered ETSY, you have started your own ETSY shop.  You try to get your laundry done, maybe once a week. Birthday party planning has turned into elaborate works of art that take weeks of careful consideration.  You can no longer bake simple cakes or cookies with regular icing, they are full on masterpieces, works of art. If hubby comes home and the house is messy he understands that “raising children is very busy work”  You have a  new business idea every week and yet, you are so far in debt from the crafting, sewing, cooking, photography and baking projects that you will NEVER earn a penny!

Of course I say all of this with a smile – and yes I am (somewhat!) kidding.  Every mom has days when they look at the clock and realize that the only thing they have accomplished all day long is playing lego with their son (was this really what I was put on earth to do?).  This is okay, this IS your job.  This is my job, and when it comes down to it, I love being a stay at home mom!

I hope you enjoy this blog!

~Lisa K


One Response to “The Natural Evolution of the S.A.H.M (Stay at home mom)”

  1. mique123 December 7, 2012 at 5:45 am #

    Hi Lisa! Thanks for linking up to my special About Me Pity Party last week. I’ve had a different road to being a stay at home mom but loved reading about yours. 🙂

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